Swan Day 2011

Swan Day 2011

The 2011 SWAN Day CT which stands for Support Women in The Arts Now was held in the East Hartford Cultural and Community Center. This event is all over the world by various individuals and organizations, for the past 4 years Jennifer Hill has been organizing this Connecticut’s event. The event has grown in attendance and also the number of performers each year

This years lineup included some great original female performers in both a gallery setting and on the main stage. LBR decided to camp out by the main stage and caught most of those acts.  Along with music there were burlesque dancers, and various artists showcased. Including a live stage painting that prefaces all the videos by Kerry Kozaczuk.

While this years event went smoothly it wasn’t without some last minute issues thrown out there by the town of East Hartford. If you haven’t seen the Hell’s Bells documentary on SWAN Day 2010 I urge you to pickup a copy or go to a screening. Organizing a show like this and finding the right venue and performers can be a harrowing experience.

Next year another documentary will be produced by Sarah Elizabeth of Hells Bells Productions to celebrate it’s 5th anniversary in Connecticut. Please help Sarah by donating to this project contact Sarah by e-mailing hellsbellsproductions@yahoo.co​m for the mailing address.



If your browser doesn’t support flash please click the button below to find the videos included in the Swan Day Channel that are not displaying above.
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