Almost Ancient Plays The Abbey Road Album

Almost Ancient Plays The Abbey Road Album

After three months of steady practice the band hit the stage Saturday night all fired up and ready to go. After playing a short set of their usual, but unique classic rock tunes they enthusiastically started the Abbey Road set with “Come Together” and continued through the album in song order. The only short break was after “I Want You (She’s so Heavy)” to simulate flipping the record, which was a great touch.

The crowd at The Red Door was large with an interesting mix of the over 40 crowd, the regulars and a bachelorette party, which made things interesting. Judging from the response on Facebook I would consider the event a success.

The band performed the album beautifully from start to finish with very few technical problems. As usual the sound and lighting at The Red Door made the show all the better. When I asked Bill Calabrese what the band planed next he said “How’s Dark Side of The Moon sound?” I’m not sure if he was kidding or not but it is another one of the few albums out there that can be enjoyed start to finish. In the meantime I hope they decide to play this set again, but for everyone else I have included a few videos to show you what you missed.

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  1. Dave Las says:

    Mike- thanks for all your hard work in supporting local bands (original & cover) and the CT music scene. And also thank you for the kind words about our recent Abbey Road gig. For me, the absolute coolest thing about our band is that our guitarist’s father is the bass player. A personal gas – playing in a band with a dad and his son. Thanks again Mike!

  2. Michael Lawson says:

    Dave that show was a pleasure to film, I love bands that do something outside of the box. You guys have so much fun up there and at the end of the day so does everyone else.

    • Bill Calabrese says:

      Mike, thank you for capturing this moment in time for us. All the hard work paid off as most everyone there, took time to tell us how much they had really enjoyed the show! Now, we just have to come up with a follow-up. Hmmmm, I think we have an idea!

  3. From an old guy to other old guys … great work. Pro Tools and Auto-tune are for sissies!

    Do you/plan to do any of your own stuff? Would love to put together an “OGWG” (Old Guys With Guitars) tour (meaning 2 or 3 gigs …then we’ll need a nap).

    - Tony “TJ” Jones (Bassist, Penny Knight Band –

  4. Bill Calabrese says:

    Up next…. REVOLVER by The Beatles! Nov 5th at the RED DOOR Watertown CT