Introducing Lady 3 a CT Yankee in LA.

Introducing Lady 3 a CT Yankee in LA.


Lady3 our East Coast connection in LA

Introducing Lady 3 our latest reviewer and blogger, LBR’s own Connecticut Yankee in LA.  I met Lady 3 on our Fan Page participating in a few discussions on music issues in CT and how they compare to the LA scene.  When she came back east to visit we met to discuss some of the issues further and I promised her a spot to voice her opinions once the website was up and running.

Lady 3 also stepped up like so many of our Fans with a goody bag of prizes sent all the way from LA  for our raffle.

What I hope we all get from Lady 3′s articles is a contrast to what the music industry has to offer in sedate CT compared to the very active scene in LA.  We might also build a readership in LA and get some ideas on how to promote better here on the East Coast.  Lady 3 will be interviewing bands commenting on issues and of course expressing her opinion.  I all hope you all welcome her to the LBR family and keep the discussions interesting.

Here first piece will be published early next week, keep your eyes peeled.


Lady 3 is an east coast native that moved to L.A. in 2003 to pursue a music marketing career. She was never really into the east coast scene, but fell absolutely in love wiith the west coast scene! She spent most of her time in LA street teaming for her numerous musician friends until she got her chance to start booking shows on her own. She has booked metal to pop and everything in between at well known and not so well known venues. If she could she would live, breathe, and sleep the Sunset Strip! Fav venue : whiskyagogo. Fav local Band: Warner Drive. Fav music: hard rock, metal, hard core, nu metal, alternative. what makes a great band? Relatable lyrics, great images in marketing material, amazingly energetic live show.



4 Responsesto “Introducing Lady 3 a CT Yankee in LA.”

  1. lsg says:

    Awesome! Welcome!!

  2. Lady 3 says:

    Thank you!!!:) so stoked to be part of LBR!

    • lsg says:

      PS…Not gonna lie. I’m a big fan of Rainbow. Have spent a couple of hazy evenings there with a couple of LA friends. I love Sunset Strip as well!

  3. Lady 3 says:

    awesome! well if youre ever back in LA, lets do a joint venture;)