Lady 3 – the red painting interview

Lady 3 – the red painting interview



Self described “orchestral sci fi art rock” band, The Red Paintings are probably best known for their artistic stage performances.  Established in 2005, their live show consists of musicians intertwined with painters expressing their feel for the music, both on canvas and on other humans. Founder, Trash McSweeney took some time out of his busy schedule setting up an Australian tour to answer a couple questions.


L3: The Red Paintings have a very unique style, who are some of the major musical influences that have contributed to both your musical and live show style?

Trash Mcsweeney: Atari Teenage Riot, The Dirty 3, Big Black, Lush sounds of Radiohead to name a few and on the other side Brett Whitley, Mark Ryden, Leonardo Divinci. I feel like im inspired by so many things, not just art and music, the mysteries of the universe, life, religion, the head of a praymantus, the end of the world, the list could go on for decades…


L3:Where did the name “the red paintings” come from?

Trash Mcsweeney: Me trying to find something organic, something that started from the beginning, meant more than just a love song and could last forever. I followed and paid close attention to the signs and the signs had me travel here. So here I am. The first color known to civilization as a means of communication through art/symbols, the color red.


L3: How did you come up with the idea for the live painting during your set?

Trash Mcsweeney: I had a seizure in a supermarket many full moons ago; afterwards I could see and feel music as color, 2 days later I was composing a band based on Art, Made sense to me to have souls painting on canvases in real time all collaborating as ONE! And the rest is hard paint brushes that never get soaked




L3:What is the craziest thing that has happened with your canvases/painters on stage?

Trash Mcsweeney: The most bizarre for a social arena I guess would be the show where a fellow decided to take his pants off and release one big brown log onto one of our audience canvases and rub it in just like paint. Yep, little gross and shocking even for us band members…There is also the girl that painted her private area in front of my whilst we where rocking out or the two girls that threw my Alien life size statue through the venues window. Yes, we bring the best out of people!


L3:What is coming up for the Red Paintings?

Trash Mcsweeney: A new album, a new stage show and hopefully some incredible artists to join us around the globe. Gearing up for a revolution!


L3:Have you ever toured in Australia before?

Trash Mcsweeney: Yes many times, im from Australia, the band first sprouted in Geelong, a town south of Melbourne. Been a while since we have toured that great land.


L3: Will the line up stay the same while you tour in Australia? Will you have live painting as well?

Trash Mcsweeney: You never know with this band who will be taking on my compositions, as for painters there is never a TRP show without a paint brush and some paint of some type, it is who we are and who we will always be, viva la paint!


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Lady 3 is an east coast native that moved to L.A. in 2003 to pursue a music marketing career. She was never really into the east coast scene, but fell absolutely in love wiith the west coast scene! She spent most of her time in LA street teaming for her numerous musician friends until she got her chance to start booking shows on her own. She has booked metal to pop and everything in between at well known and not so well known venues. If she could she would live, breathe, and sleep the Sunset Strip! Fav venue : whiskyagogo. Fav local Band: Warner Drive. Fav music: hard rock, metal, hard core, nu metal, alternative. what makes a great band? Relatable lyrics, great images in marketing material, amazingly energetic live show.

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  1. Mark Rochette says:

    Lady3, you should check out Call II Consciousness. They were a local CT band that played the New York, CT, Boston scene and recently moved out to LA. They are a great band with a great sound, and they could use a little love from a fellow east coast native, on the west coast.!/c2cband