“Spot”light on… Patti Smith Photo Exhibit at The Wadsworth

“Spot”light on… Patti Smith Photo Exhibit at The Wadsworth

I was 11.  It is one of those life snapshots for me.  I remember being blown away by the album cover when my Mom brought it home.  On it was this sexy dark-haired woman wearing a light colored (I remember it as pink) tank top in what I thought was a provocative pose.  And wow the Mapplethorpe inner sleeve!  The album was called Easter.  And whenever my Mom left me at the house, I would put that album on the record player and crank it up.  I had to have worn out the grooves.  I get a little giggle in my heart thinking about the first strains of “Til Victory”.  God I loved her kick ass delivery.  And she dropped the F-Bomb!  OMG!  On a record!  I couldn’t believe it.  And I would belt out “Because the Night” like my life depended on it.  I was Patti Smith.  And I loved her.  It’s funny…I just listened to “Ghost Dance” and can still sing the lyrics… (smile).Anyway, Connecticut’s coolness factor goes skyrocketing on Friday as Patti Smith’s “Camera Solo” photo exhibition makes its US premier (that’s right…she’s starting here!) at The Wadsworth Atheneum in Harford.  Can you believe it?  I can hardly.  The exhibition will include seventy photographs, one multi-media installation, and one video work.  It will be running at the Wadsworth through February 2012.I thought that by being members we’d have the chance to see her show October 20 (the night before the exhibit opens) gratis.  But no and it was a bit pricy for us.  However, as members, we do get to have a members breakfast Friday morning so we can see her work before anyone else AND…a signing.  I’m hoping that my Mom still has that Easter album.  All these years later, I’d love to be able to have her sign it.  Wish me luck!If you live in CT and you have never been to the Wadsworth, what are you waiting for?  You will be blown away by the caliber of art we have in the permanent collection housed at the Wadsworth.  You don’t have to go to NYC to see world renowned art.  It’s right at your back door.  For more information on the Wadsworth and the Patti Smith Exhibition, contact the Wadsworth (http://www.thewadsworth.org/)

I could have picked a few winners from the Easter album but I have to go with what I sang as a budding young rocker chick.




Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez aka lsg

Lover of music and the visual arts, Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez is the insanity behind lsg original photography. lsg specializes in artist and performer photography. She’s had the honor of photographing national bands such as Weezer, Snoop Dogg, A Simple Plan, Paramore, Whitesnake, Wye Oak, and The Antlers along with countless local bands and performers.

Hailing from Hartford, CT, Lisa is a life- long music connoisseur. Growing up, her mother exposed her to everything from The Stones to Simon and Garfunkel to Earth, Wind, and Fire to Loretta Lynn…and everything in between. No genre was left unexplored in her vinyl collection. She saw her first concert at 14…Rod Stewart at the (then called) Hartford Civic Center. Thirty years later, it’s still her favorite pastime.

Lisa has two kids (grown!) and a day job. Her loves of music and photography have melded into a second career. And her love of CT keeps her promoting and pushing for local artists and performers. Lisa spends the greater part of her free time seeing and shooting live bands, performers, and artists and art work…and purchasing vinyl!

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