Dirty Blonde – A One Night Stand

Dirty Blonde – A One Night Stand

Dirty Blonde
A One Night Stand, The Red Door, November 19th 2011 at 9:30 pm


Rob Jeff Sue

Rob, Jeff and Suez of Dirty Blonde

When Dirty Blonde parted ways about a year ago I was one of the many of their fans that were saddened.  I see a lot of bands in a year and can tell you the ones that succeed are like a big family and not always a happy one, but one that once they hit the stage has a lot of fun.  From blowup dolls to Sue and Rob’s crazy antics on stage you could tell it was always going to be a great show.

Dirty Blonde was also one of the first supporters of LBR and transitioned us from band stalkers with a camera to a viable entity in the Connecticut music scene.  Sue Houde and Jeff Miles continue that support by writing occasionally as guest writers on LBR. Sue’s article “Taking Care of Business” about  her experiences working in a cover band is one of our most read, topping over 5000 reads in just a month.

I once made the mistake of mentioning how many girls some of the bands got onto stage one day and Sue took the challenge to heart which resulted in the video below. As you can see it was just too much fun and most of their shows were just as energetic. I tend to be careful of what I say to people after that incident.





Most of the band members have moved on to other projects including Jeff Miles and the amazing drummer Brandi Hood now of the successful original metal band Crossing Rubicon.  Sue has become a blogger and loves to stand in for bands that need a female singer on short notice, and I’m also sure she enjoys spending more time with her kids.

I look forward to seeing them on stage again with Eric Bleile formally of The Groove Junkies  stepping in for Jim Hart who is now with Wired. It will also be nice to see a large gathering of the Dirty Blonde entourage which has been talking about this event for months. So if you are free Saturday night come join the LBR crew and all the Dirty Blonde fans for a crazy evening.

I’ll leave you with their first set of their last show Enjoy:




Jersey Shore

Dirty Blonde and friends meet Jersey Shore



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