Lady 3 – Dirt Von Karloff Interview

Lady 3 – Dirt Von Karloff Interview


Dirt Von Karloff

While Society 1 takes a hiatus, Bassist Dirt Von Karloff has picked up a new project. Dirt met up with former Bleed the Dream vocalist, Brandon Thomas. The new band, Phantom Communique will be kicking off the new line up with a free show at The Roxy on December 5th. I had the honor of sitting down with Dirt to discuss this new endeavor.

L3: Can you describe that sound of Phantom Communique?

DVK:  Very modern sounding, I guess. There’s elements of punk in there, there’s even a bit of a pop element with the melodies and stuff, but still really really heavy.

L3: In your previous band, you’ve done a lot of artwork for album covers and such, are you planning on bringing that talent to this band as well?

DVK:  Yeah, probably. It’s the beginning stages for all of this, so I don’t know in what capacity. I’ve always definitely had some kind of a hand in the art direction, whether I did it myself or at least collaborated with whoever did it, but I’m sure it’ll be a natural extension.

L3: Who are some of your artistic influences?

DVK: Originally I was into Conan the barbarian comic books when I was a kid. I got into a lot of those artists (like) Joe Jusko. That’s where I first discovered Frank Frazetta that used to do painting for the covers. He did a bunch of fantasy Dungeons and Dragons type stuff, a lot of album covers. Frank Frazetta is one as far as paintings and stuff, Dali, HR Giger, and then a whole lot of tattoo artists- Paul Booth, Bob Tyrrell. This could go on forever ,I’ll just stop now (laughs).

L3: Who are some of your musical influences?

DVK: The first thing I really ever heard was KISS. I grew up with KISS and Alice Cooper. It was literally the first music I ever heard. I think I saw them on T.V. or something and apparently started begging my parents for a KISS record. From there I discovered Alice Cooper. Then a lot of metal and punk when I was a teenager, then it all kinda grew from there.

L3: How long have you been playing bass?

DVK: Almost as long as I can remember (laughs). Let’s see, I started playing guitar when I was 12 or 13, and I played for about a year and a half before I joined my first band, but they needed a bass player.  I switched to bass, and ever since then…long ass time (laughs).

L3: What are your goals with Phantom Communique?

Phantom Screamer

Phantom Communique

DVK: Just to make good music. That’s really my only goal. It’d be cool to make some money at it, it’d be awesome to go on tour, I mean, these are the plans. We got one record in the can already. We’ve already started writing. I mean, I’ve been in the band for a minute, we’ve already got new songs that we’re working on. We’re gunna be recording soon, at least like an EP or something. I think in January is what we’ve been talking about, but it’s really really early. We are just now starting to kick the idea around. Definitely putting new music out, definitely playing shows, touring…

L3: I know it’s been a while since you have done a live show.  How are you feeling about your first show in December?

DVK: I am very excited. In Society 1 we had a couple of stops and starts in the last year, where we’d start rehearsing for something and it fell through, or we’d play a couple of shows for this and that. It wasn’t  really not enough to be satisfied, just enough to make me miss it a little bit too much right before it was taken away, so I’m very very excited to get out infront of some people and put on a good show and just play, yknow?

L3: Do you have any shows lined up after the Roxy?

DVK: We don’t have anything booked yet but we definitely will in the new year, that’s what we are shooting for.



Lady 3 is an east coast native that moved to L.A. in 2003 to pursue a music marketing career. She was never really into the east coast scene, but fell absolutely in love wiith the west coast scene! She spent most of her time in LA street teaming for her numerous musician friends until she got her chance to start booking shows on her own. She has booked metal to pop and everything in between at well known and not so well known venues. If she could she would live, breathe, and sleep the Sunset Strip! Fav venue : whiskyagogo. Fav local Band: Warner Drive. Fav music: hard rock, metal, hard core, nu metal, alternative. what makes a great band? Relatable lyrics, great images in marketing material, amazingly energetic live show.

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