Jeff McFarlane –Guinness World Record – Longest Karaoke Marathon

Jeff McFarlane –Guinness World Record – Longest Karaoke Marathon


Jeff did indeed beat the official record of 48 hours!

When Jeff mentioned this to me one night at The Zen Bar I thought it was a little nuts, 48 hours is a long time to sing.  Even singing a few back to back gigs over the weekend is enough to make most cover band singers cringe. Jeff does have the luxury of picking his own songs to pace himself through the 48 hours, so not having to blast out the latest popular tune should play in his favor. Jeff is an admitted 20 Year Karaoke Junkie spending most of his time singing at The Zen Bar and The Firehouse both located in Plainville.

Jeff McFarlane

Jeff McFarlane

Just staying up for 48 hours is taxing enough, Jeff’s first attempt failed, but for his second attempt he planned things to keep him busy and actually had trouble falling asleep.  While he won’t be able to sleep during the 48 hour marathon, Guinness does allow for a short break of 30 seconds between each song which can be cumulative, so if he sings 10 songs straight he can take a 5 minute break.  To learn more about the stringent rules that Jeff has to follow, read this Hartford Courant Article from October.  Jeff plans to make this an annual event by only breaking the record by an hour.

Jeff’s attempt at this marathon will be held at The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cromwell starting Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 4:00pm until Friday, December 9, 2011 at 5:00pm. So please stop by and see history in the making, below is a video interview from the October edition of Ralph and Friends, he appears at the 18:31 mark singing, 24:22 in an Interview and again at 47:42 for one more song.


Ralph & Friends October 2011 Show from dave overson on Vimeo.


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    I heart Natalie Nightwolf!

  2. Hello you all! Here is my new Guinness World Record:
    ‎”The longest karaoke marathon by an individual lasted 101 hr, 59 min and 15 sec and was achieved by Leonardo Polverelli, at the Astra Caffe, Pesaro, Italy, from 19 to 23 September 2011″