LBR Illusions Commercial – Pick the best one?

LBR Illusions Commercial – Pick the best one?

I was a little leery when Linda Chadbourne asked if I would maybe do a commercial for Illusions Dance Club in Wolcott, but I said what the heck we do new things all the time. So off we went to shoot some footage with the 1800 band and a big sign outside proclaiming we were shooting a video and you may end up on it.

The 1800 band was great as usual with Turk revving the crowd up to a fever pitch and we had plenty of crowd participation, and when the bachelorette party showed up in fish nets and daisy dukes it was cameras ablazing!   Everyone was a great sport and we had over an hour of footage and several hundred pictures to go through.  So here’s the problem how to get one hour down to 30 seconds, wow it’s tough and it took awhile. Not to mention 2 weeks without power, YouTube issues and a few other road blocks.  Finally we completed the two versions posted below.

What we’d like you to do is pick a winner that will appear on a few local TV stations over the next couple of months.  Do you like the guy falling off the horse or the one of our bachelorette’s opening the commercial?


Guy Falls off Bull


Pretty Bachelorette

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  1. lsg original says:

    Um the pretty ladies, of course!