LBR’s New Classifieds Tutorial – Postit!

LBR’s New Classifieds Tutorial – Postit!

Hello everyone, since I started Local Band Review about 2 years ago people have been asking me to add some forum or discussion support. We played with them on our Facebook Page but nobody used them and probably couldn’t find them with the constant updates that happen over there. Personally I’ve never been a fan of the forum format and even use an IPad application to make Craigslist look more like a newspaper’s classifieds.

While a lot of people post things on our Fan Page the wanted ads and equipment for sale, even the announcements disappear off the page pretty quickly. Unless I was to repost them constantly causing spam you would have to catch the feed just right to see them or visit our page on a regular basis. I thought by know that Facebook would finally come around and let us search for things a little bit easier, but all they’ve come up with so far is Timeline and it’s not even available yet on Fan Pages. So after a little searching around I found a template I liked that does about 90% of what I want.

As you can see from this video the LBR Posit! classifieds offers many categories and ways of searching,  plus an elegant newsfeed if you just want to browse. I encourage all Connecticut and Massachusetts musicians and fans of music to use the site as much as possible as an alternative to craigslist or even our Fan Page.  Please us our contact form here: (  to give us any ideas for categories or changes.


Do to the small size of the embedded video I would suggest watching the video directly on YouTube by clicking the YouTube logo at the bottom of the video.

Our new Postit! Site 

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