Lucky Souls – First Things First – Jan 25 2012

Lucky Souls – First Things First – Jan 25 2012

First Things First…

So, before I actually start writing about all the great local CT talent, I’d like to welcome you all to my column on LBR. I’m very happy, excited & thankful to Mike & the rest of the LBR crew for inviting me. I’m hoping to be here at least once a week bringing you news, reviews, videos & pictures of some of the most talented musicians on the local CT scene, especially those in New Haven & Fairfield Counties. At times, you may even get info on a music festival or two.

For now, I’m going to leave y’all a tip on a great show coming to BAR, 254 Crown St in New Haven Connecticut on Wednesday, 01/25/12… Three great bands, O’Death (, The Proud Flesh ( & Brown Bird ( will be there, starting at 9 p.m. If you can be there, you definitely DO NOT want to miss this show!

If you do miss that show, I hope you can still get out & support our local music scene! Please make sure to check out all the suggestions from everyone here at LBR, because I’m certain that no matter where you are in the state of CT, there is something musically wonderful happening close by. For New Haven & Fairfield County listings you can check out my website, or head to the FB page


Thanks everyone!


Aim D’Amaro – Lucky Souls Productions

By the time she was 12, Amy D’Amaro knew that she wanted a career that would keep her surrounded by music. At 16, she became an intern at WPLR radio in New Haven, CT where she would stay for 5 yrs learning all aspects of music programming at a commercial radio station. In the time that she was at WPLR, she also became friends with many musicians on the local scene & spent much of her time taking in music at venues all over New Haven County.

In 1993, Amy left the radio station to raise her son, but her love of music & the local scene never faded. In 2003 she began what would become a very successful dog walking & pet sitting service, but still spent much of her time checking out the local music scene in both New Haven & Fairfield Counties. In 2009 she began Lucky Souls Productions to help out the local musicians she knew by promoting their music through live video footage. In 2011, Lucky Souls grew & began booking musicians in some of the local venues. When not busy walking dogs or editing videos, Amy still spends much of her time out with friends, supporting the local music scene & venues & attending music festivals.





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