Facebook Fan Pages get Timeline – should I upgrade?

Facebook Fan Pages get Timeline – should I upgrade?

It’s been a while since Timeline starting rolling out, first to developers then to everyone who opted in to the new look, so it was only a matter of time until Fan Pages would get this feature added. Personally if your band has some good graphics it’s a no-brainer and you should consider switching before the March 30th roll-out date.  It’s bugged me for awhile that the Fan Pages had fallen behind the look and feel of the rest of Facebook. While some don’t like the Timeline I personally do because if you have some good pictures or graphics it can get you noticed.

So lets start with the basics! The new Fan Page Timeline now has the same ability as a personal page to place a nice large cover picture at the top of the page as seen below.

This alone is a great reason to change to the new Timeline in that it distinguishes you with a nice bold graphic picture. We plan on rotating ours weekly and talking about where we took the picture. So if you have a great show you can now use a picture  from that gig at the top of your Fan Page to highlight the moment. for some specifics on what the cover can contain and the size etc… here is a link to Tara’s blog entry that covers it in a little more detail (http://alewebsocial.com/2012/02/29/facebook-timeline-is-coming-to-pages/). The overall layout is also the same as a personal page but this is where things begin to differ.

Below is the new Admin Panel that pops up every time you enter the page as an admin if anyone has commented or posted on the page.

Admin Panel
The New Admin Panel

If you have a busy page like LBR this can be a little annoying and I think they need to add a setting to disable it popping up for any activity.  The new Admin Panel is nice in that it puts everything to manage the page in one spot and lets you know instantly about any comments or posts without having to change over to using Facebook as the page. It’s also the place you can read messages that can now be directly sent to a page, you can now have conversations between the fans and the page. Which is handy if you want to point something out without posting on the wall or warn a user for and inappropriate comments etc… When you hide the Admin Panel it is easy to gain access by clicking on the Admin Panel button to the right side of the page which also supports a notification icon.

Posted by Others

A major deviation to the current personal Timeline is where post and likes show up by others, this has moved to the top right pane as shown in this screen shot to the right. You can also change the page view by selecting the Highlight button below the Cover picture. It would be nice if they had a few more options like to intermix the posts like they are in the personal pages.

A feature that most blogs and forums have always had is the ability to make things sticky or in Facebook’s case they use the terminology “Pin To Top” this is done the same way you hide things in your Timeline by selecting the little pen at the top right of any post. You then select the “Pin To Top” item from the menu, this item with then be positioned as the first top left post until you “Unpin” the post or select another in it’s place. A Pinned item is noted by a golden ribbon icon in the top right of the post as shown below. You can also Highlight a post by selecting the star which makes it go across both columns, which for some posts looks really nice, especially video and photos.

Pin toTop
Pin toTop

Another change is that much like in twitter there is a break at the bottom of the page that shows a gap in the Timeline that makes you select “See More Recent Stories” or just slide down the Timeline to earlier in the month.  I’m not sure I like this feature because it’s not evident enough and you may feel like I do that your fans are not going to take the extra time to click the button. This is also redundant because the Timeline scroll shows up beyond the right panel.

Overall I like the new Fan Page Timeline and with a few tweaks I think it will work really well. You can preview your page until March 30 without publishing it and I’m sure some changes will be made before then. Please let us know what you think and I hope this brief overview of the Facebook Fan Page Timeline helps you make marketing  your band easier

At this time most mobile apps still show the Fan Page in the Classic view, but I’m sure this will change when the new versions of the apps come out.

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  1. Tara Alemany says:

    Thanks for the great content, Michael, and the plug for my post. Facebook does like to keep us on our toes, huh? :-)


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