Introducing The Radio Golden Podcast

Introducing The Radio Golden Podcast


Radio Golden Podcast

We’d like to introduce you to David Golden’s Radio Golden Podcast that will be featured on Local Band Review in the next coming weeks. Please use either our music submission link: ( or David’s Public SoundCloud drop Box to submit your tracks below:

Send me
your sounds

It’s great to have another person willing to dedicate some time and spread the word about all the local music available. We are not sure of the first air date but be sure to watch our website and Facebook page for episode information under ( Let’s all welcome David on board.

And just a personal note it’s nice to have another guy helping us out!


David Golden’s urge to do radio started as a kid in New York listening to Mets broadcasts with Bob Murphy, and the big music stations that once dominated the airwaves of the metropolis. Not long after moving to Connecticut, David found WPKN and started living the dream on the area’s premiere freeform radio station. Over the years, David has produced many live music programs, including the Sunday Brunch Concert and Radio Vibes, and interviewed a lot of musicians. He brings his passion for live, local music to Local Band Review with the Radio Golden podcast.┬áDavid can also be seen occasionally playing piano, accordion & melodica with Cinnamon Sky.

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