Scene Queen lsg – Ep. 9 – String Theorie

Scene Queen lsg – Ep. 9 – String Theorie

Scene Queen lsg
Episode 9
Length 67:28

Guests: The members of the band String Theorie
Host: Michael Lawson & Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez

This week we visit Red Rock Tavern in Hartford, CT for a two part interview with the World Fusion band String Theorie ( to talk about the band’s new CD Little Elephant. This is the band’s first full length CD which has been widely anticipated since the release of their EP over 18 months ago.  The album features strong percussion from not only Jordan Critchley, but also from Joel on Guitar and Karl on bass. To watch them play is like watching an octopus missing 2 arms who has magically learned how to play three instruments in complete unison, it really is amazing to watch them perform together.  Check out the video below as the band performs Little Elephant the title track from their new CD live for us at an impromptu performance this last Monday evening.



This weeks show is shown in it’s entirety below, but be fore-warned we had some glitches, so both parts of the interview have been included in this post as excerpts further down.  The synchronization is wildly off in the broadcast version of the show for the pre-recorded interview segments due to a problem with the clip player we use, but the audio is fine throughout. So if you don’t mind the Kung-Fu movie effect you should be OK. We also had issues with Google Hangout dropping both me and Lisa during the show but as usual we persevered and made it though.  So please enjoy the show, we are so glad you take the time to watch each episode.

String Theorie’s CD release party will be held this Saturday March 24, 2012 at Billings Forge in Hartford you can find further information at their Facebook event page : ( This is looking to be a pretty neat event with an after-party at the Firebox



I have included some Outtakes from Monday nights shoot that are pretty funny, Jordan grows fond of our clapboard and Lisa runs out of vodka and our waitress can’t pronounce Pomegranate, all in all a fun evening.



Show Notes

  • The bar is very noisy with a pool league and a UCONN women’s game playing in the background.
  • Lisa talks about her never ending Saint Patrick’s Day, jumping barriers, lost weekends etc…
  • Michael filmed the Chi Cheng benefit
  • We welcome Shawn Morse and David Golden to LBR.
  • Lisa seems to be stalking Daphne Lee Martin  and likes Chamard Vineyard.
  • The band explains it’s formation and name in very complicated scientific terms.
  • Lisa forgets what week it is then realizes that Swan Day CT is next week!
  • Where the name of the song Little Elephant came from which is a lot less scientific than the band’s name.
  • String Theorie has a song literally called “I Don’t Like It” and we learn where this originated from and all the fun they’ve had with it.
  • Another over the head scientific explanation of the song Red Queen, Lisa really does have a big bubble over her head on this one.
  • Lisa asks a dumb question, picks on Karl, then plays some percussion.
  • Lisa shows off the String Theorie t-shirt designed by Rachel Adele Studios (Lisa shakes her Boobs…)
  • We announce that LBR’s fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association will be May 6th, 2012.



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