WORD!!! Going Viral – Damn you Internet Gods!!!

WORD!!! Going Viral – Damn you Internet Gods!!!

Being in a Band

Being in a Band Meme

Everyone wants to get a viral link on their webpage, facebook page or YouTube Video right? Well it depends what goes viral, I have no idea were I found this photo I posted at the beginning of March, but with the new Timeline now on our Fanpage I started seeing this photo being Liked, Shared and commented on. If you click on the photo it will bring you directly to the link on our Fan Page. But one has to wonder, wow this took me 30 seconds of effort screen capturing it and posting it from my iPhone while probably doing something else.  Our videos can take up to 12 hours between shooting, downloading,  reviewing and editing a night of footage, so why bother???

Obviously unless you’re George Takei (https://www.facebook.com/georgehtakei) and have somebody posting for you constantly with  1.3 million subscribers it’s doubtful this would be fulfilling and wouldn’t really get the message out.  I actually posted a bunch of these, one about Bass Players and a few others so what made this relevant? This one I believe was more generic and a lot of musicians related to how much time they spend lugging equipment around. While elements of something going viral can be calculated i.e. the recent video of Kony (http://youtu.be/Y4MnpzG5Sqc) with over 78 million views on YouTube comes to mind. Realistically it’s probably a small percentage of anything planned to go viral actually does.

You are better off really just being consistent in what you post and setting a tone that people come to expect, while growing your brand. Most of our music videos follow a set format and as of this writing we have hit 150,000 views with just over 300 videos in 2 years. This may sound impressive until you look at some other local YouTube stars like Ariel Bellvalaire (http://www.youtube.com/user/arielbellvalaire) and our own David Lovelace (http://www.youtube.com/user/hamsterdunce) who both have views into the millions… They have both put a lot of hard work into what they do and have a loyal following.

So my point is while getting something to go viral is nice, it’s not going to be what you expect and planning for it is a waste of time. So if your fans are happy just keep expanding on what you do and the Internet Gods may smile on you once and awhile…

Well it's has a Motorcycle and Nudity

Well it's has a Motorcycle and Nudity going for it...

Here’s another one that has even less to do with music, Greg sent this to me from his cell phone and again less than a minutes work…


Michael Lawson2nd Opinion Technology

Self-employed super geek by day (http://www.2ndot.com)  and videographer for the locally famous by night, as well as blogger, editor and publisher for Local Band Review.

On a whim Michael and co-founder Greg Flint created the business plan for Local Band Review on a bar napkin with the mission statement of ”Get into shows free and work for beer”, but this was just the beginning.  Local Band Review has grown to be one of the biggest independent music centric blogs in Connecticut with weekly articles, first rate band videos and excellent photography.

Michael started his video career in high school filming sporting events on reel to reel videotape with about 125lbs of video gear. After breaking several cameras, Michael then decided to expand his skills by breaking computers for a living. He has been successfully self-employed as a high level technical consultant, programmer and network design guru since 1994. Michael is also a collector of all kinds of technology and musical devices and will eventually end up on an episode of Hoarders.

Never losing his love for music or video and sadly missing the real MTV Michael decided to start stalking and filming local musicians in 2009. The Local Band Review YouTube channel continues to grow and is heavily used by the bands, promoters and venues to spotlight Connecticut’s local music scene.  Later in 2009 Michael started the Local Band Review Fan Page which continues to gain fans on a daily basis, and is one of the most active local fan pages relating to music on Facebook.

In the summer of 2011 it was evident that Local Band Review needed to finally get its act together and create the Local Band Review website.  With the help of all the people listed on this page, it has been an unqualified success. Still not satisfied and always looking for new ways to promote music Michael then started a video streaming channel on UStream which features longer format shows with interviews and live performances with such shows as Scene Queen lsg and  Forgotten Footage.

So how’s the getting into shows free and beer gig going? Well if you consider the amount of work to get those benefits not too well in monetary terms, but wouldn’t give it up for the world. Thanks for all the support from the bands, musicians, venues, contributors and finally our fans and viewers, without you this wouldn’t of been possible.

Mike’s Stuff on LBR: http://www.localbandreview.com/author/Michael/



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