Review of “Cosmic Dust Bunnies” at Toad’s Place

Review of “Cosmic Dust Bunnies” at Toad’s Place

Around the local Connecticut Jam Band scene the past year or so more and more buzz has been surrounding the Cosmic Dust Bunnies (  ).  I had seen them open for Shakedown (  ) the past year a few times at Toad’s but I wasn’t huge into them.  But when I headed down to Toad’s this past Friday I developed a new appreciation for what they are doing with their music. Their crowd was a mixture of hippies and dance club party type people. I somewhat fit into both those categories so I fit right in on Friday Night.  There is a few of these types of bands around the jam scene but none in CT with the consistent draw of 600-800 people every time they play.

I got to hang out with them a bit and we did a Live Bands Touring Artist Interview with them which you can view here………

The Cosmic Dust Bunnies really are a bunch of cool people and good family hippie folks. They are really representing the hippie jam aspect well and understand what it’s all about. Their fans are all pretty much the same way too.

I got a good chance to focus on what they were doing musically with their music as opposed to when I had seen them in the past open for Shakedown when I’m always walking around talking to various folks. Other than their set break they really do not stop playing throughout their whole set. They basically go into one song right after the other.  Which I know must be very tiring and not an easy thing to do. It’s also ideal for their fan base who loves to Rage the night away.

I had told the Cosmic Dust Bunnies that they reminded me of Sound Tribe Sector 9 but they’re really much more than that.  They’ll throw in a cover tune here or there and then play mostly original compositions. It’s electronic music with a jam band feel.  It also has influences of Reggae, Dub, Funk, Rock, Pop and maybe a little more too. It is quite diverse.

There was a couple of bands who opened for the Cosmic Dust Bunnies. They were The Mushroom Cloud ( ) Seed ( ), EKL , and Arclite ( The only one I caught was Arclite and they were pretty good. They were two guys who were basically DJing with high tech gear.  They were pretty good and got the house rocking.

Cosmic Dust Bunnies at Toad's

Cosmic Dust Bunnies at Toad's

At about 11:45pm the Cosmic Dust Bunnies started out their set with ACDC’s “For those about to Rock” which was pretty incredible and got Toad’s Place in a rocking status. Right after that they went into one of their original songs called “Gotcha!” which you can view on the Live Bands Touring youtube channel here……..

The whole place was starting a rage fest at this point and the Cosmic Dust Bunnies went into Cruise Control pt1> Cruise Control (Abakus)> Cruise Control pt2. You can watch a clip from this string of songs here……..

After that they went into more of their originals which went like this; Great Unknown>

88 MPH pt. 2> Houston >88 reprise.

Immediately following 88 reprise they ended their set with a hit cover tune by the Flock of Seagulls called “I Ran (So Far Away)”. They really did that song some justice. Their first set was great and really got the place moving and partying down. Arclite came out and played a tweener set again in order to make sure it was a nonstop party.

The Dust Bunnies came back out about 15 minutes later and the rest of their set went like this;  Ice3>


Metroidome>Goomba’s Shoe>Metroidome

Flood The Streets>Jungle

Matt Dempsey Guitarist

Matt Dempsey Guitarist

Overall it was great music to party down and jam out to. It was a ton of fun and I highly recommend checking out the Cosmic Dust Bunnies if you are looking to rage the night away in a hippie jam band dance party style.


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