Review of “Off The Cuff” at Cooks Cafe  – Sean Morse

Review of “Off The Cuff” at Cooks Cafe – Sean Morse

Mark Sabre

Mark Sabre

LBR won Best Music 2012 blog in The Hartford Courant as you all know by now. Many of the veterans of LBR such as Lisa, Greg, Ann, Mike and David have been putting all of it together and deserve the utmost credit for making it happen.  Some of you have thanked me for my part although I really feel everyone else did the heavy lifting or writing. I’m just a newbie around the LBR world and while I appreciate the thanks I really didn’t do anything to deserve it. It all goes you guys.

Most local musicians have day jobs and work the venues at night. I’ve been having my carpets cleaned by Mark Sabre for many years. A few months ago Mark was at my house cleaning my carpets and he noticed some of my musical paperwork stuff around my house.  He was asking about it so I brought him into my office and he started to tell me about his band “Off The Cuff”. ( Off The Cuff is a new project born out of the Hard Knocks Recording Studio in Bridgeport.  They have a heavy rock vibe with a mixture of country, jazz, blues, and a few other things too.  Mark and I chatted it up about different music industry things and that’s when he invited me to come out and film Off The Cuff for their show with The Bonesmen, and Quzai Moto at Cooks Café In Naugatuck on Sat April 7th.  (,

I really enjoyed the Bonesmen set. (  Frankie Thomas the lead vocalist has a certain charisma about him on stage.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from them.  I thought maybe I was walking into a Megadeath or  Metallica type concert but they were more of a hard rock and roll, drink beers and kick ass type band.  It was very cool to rock out to on a Saturday night.

Quazi Moto ( ) was loud and wild. They reminded me of many of the bands you would see at the Webster Theater in Hartford. Amp levels all the way up and wildly piercing sounds. People were really having a great time and rocking the house.

Off The Cuff

Off The Cuff

At about 12:30pm Off The Cuff hit the stage with fire flowing. They busted right into their signature tune “The Devil’s Daughter” and you can see clips of it on our youtube channel which includes the Livebandstouring  Artist Interview with them here…….

At this point everyone’s beer buzz was in full effect and patrons were having a grand old fun time. Off the Cuff then went into songs like “She’s out Fucking My Horse” which you can view here…… and “Rip The Crimson Tide” seen here.. .

I mentioned that Off The Cuff has a jazz feel and they soon went into a beautiful jazz ballad called “Tears Fall Down Like Rain” which really showed their diversity in their brand of music. You can check out “Tears Fall Down like Rain” below:


Off The Cuff did several other tunes and certainly brought something unique to the Cook’s Café semi Biker Bar scene. They somewhat reminded me of some of those great rock bands that were once at the famed Tune Inn Club in New Haven.  They brought a distinctive mixture of rock with borders on country, intense guitar riffs, killer drum beats, and well planned and thought out lyrics and writing styles. And the saxophone just adds an entirely new element when mixed in there with the bass. If you are looking to party down, dance, and rock the night away getting out there to see Off The Cuff is an affordable way to do it. If you don’t leave with a big smile on your face thinking of what a great time you just had then next time you should pay more attention to what’s happening on stage.


Sean Morse - Live Bands Touring

Sean got his start in the Entertainment Business in the summer of 1999 where he served as an Intern at Clear Channel’s KC101 FM and WELI 960 AM in Hamden-New Haven. He left the station to attend Florida State University. Sean returned to Connecticut and in 2003 landed a job at Toad’s Place where he became a key employee. Soon later he would end up working for the world’s largest entertainment company Live Nation Inc. for many years. This position led him to a key industry role as Client Services Rep. at where he worked with various venues around the nation including Mass Concerts (The Webster & The Palladium) Hartman Arena in Kansas, The Wellmont Theater in New Jersey and many others. Sean’s work helped land the prestigious 2009 CIO 100 Technology Award.

In 2007 Sean decided to create as a side project to his regular industry job which offers a youtube channel, event consulting, venue contact info and a variety of other services for bands and other industry professionals.

In 2012 Sean released a book which was converted into a 2 CD Box Set Booklet called Peace, Poetry, and Music which offers original poems, original songs on 1 CD and a bonus CD with cover songs. Sean spends most of his free time doing Yoga, working out at the gym, and enjoying the company of friends and family at local music venues and festivals.

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