Whirlwind Weekend – Sean Morse

Whirlwind Weekend – Sean Morse

Noah Galembo

Noah Galembo

A whirlwind weekend was putting it mildly. Before I get into what great music I saw this weekend I wanted to say how much I was sad I couldn’t be at LBR’s EPIC Fundraiser for the ADA. It really looks like the LBR team, fans and community represented well for a great cause.  I wish I could have been there to support it.

My journey of music started on Saturday afternoon with a project by some Quinnipiac University film students in Hamden, CT. My old buddy Ralphie came along for the ride and it wouldn’t have been the same without him.  Many of us on the local music scene who are videographers learned how to do it on our own. These students are professionally trained and very soon it will be their career.  Noah Galembo was the photography director and the rest of his team included Billy Scully, Hannah Woomer, Dan Callahan, Orrein Creighton, Colleen Ellis, and Peter Courtein.  I’ve seen many films about Toad’s Place over the years but this one concentrated heavily on the history, Yale Univ.’s feelings about the club, Rohn Lawrence and the Grateful Dead cover band’s “Shakedown” scene involvement at Toad’s Place.   I won’t spoil the rest for you, here is the video to check out yourself.


Immediately following the film myself, Ralph, and RobbieJam headed up to Columbia, CT for a family gathering known as A Friendship Picnic Mararitaville. This was more or less a private affair of local friends and family who came to rely on each other to run an event and just a plain old good time. Thanks to Brii and Nate they let me do a little tweener set as soon I arrived. When I pulled up I believe the All Good Feel Good Collective (http://www.facebook.com/AllGoodFeelGood ) was playing.  They sounded great and were really groovy. You should definitely check them out. I played a few quick tunes (Soulshine and my original song Nailpolish, Shoes, and Music (Jamband girl) ) and you can check out some pics from my set here…(http://seanmorsemusic.com/index.php/news/18-friendship-picnic-mararitaville) Mushroom Cloud was next up on stage and those guys were rocking it. I was enjoying their set fully and they really know how to make you feel good inside and feeling free. Check out Mushroom Cloud here……(http://www.facebook.com/themushroomcloud/info )

I wasn’t down by the stage for a while after this and I know there is some Artists I missed out on. If I didn’t include you in this article please post your bands name at the bottom in the comment section.

So the next set I saw was old familiar one. Arclite (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arclite/153925644661039 ) which I had seen and hung out with at Toad’s for the Cosmic Dust Bunnies show. I love listening to house, and electronic music and these guys did a ton of tweener sets for this event again. Everyone was dancing, the lights were flashing, and people were really having a good time.

The next band I saw was one of my personal favorites. Rhythmic Circus (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rhythmic-Circus/100151369276?sk=app_2405167945) is a jam meets funk, meets reggae band that will surely  get you dancing and having a grand ole time.  I’ve seen them several times open for Shakedown at Toads. I’ve been telling their percussion and vocalist Joe G. that he reminds me of the reggae Artist Matisyahu. This weekend he brought that vibe again. These guys brought about a great vibe and were huge on organizing the event especially Nate Allison. Thank you  Nate for all your hard work this weekend (again lol).

Arclite did another tweener set and then Superballs came on stage. Superballs consisted of Jeff Martinson and Andy Colao of Legion of Jerry, RobbieJam of String Band, and Chelsea Martinson on Vocals for the Jefferson Airplane song “White Rabbit” which you can view on the Live Bands Touring youtube channel here………


Other songs in this set included The RobbieJam/ String Band original “Modern Girl”, Away Time a song written specifically for the festival, and Andy Colao’s “Oh My Creator”. You can view all those songs on the Live Bands Touring youtube channel here (http://www.youtube.com/livebandstouring ). Andy has some really great songs that inspire and lift up your spirits. He is an up and coming Artist and you should definitely check him out as I’m sure he will be going place in the future.

I’m getting to be an old man so I can’t hang out late like I used to.  It was bedtime for me at this point. It should be noted that I was able to listen to Jeff Bujack (http://www.facebook.com/jeffbujak ) from my tent and he played an awesome set. There was also many open jams that went on and again if I missed you please put your info in the comment section below this article.

Friendship Picnic Moon

Friendship Picnic Moon

Sometimes when you put these types of gatherings together you never know how they are going to turn out. The moon was shining the brightest it has been for all of 2012. The energy from the moon and from the people at this mini-family gathering festival were perfectly aligned with the stars and the universe. It couldn’t have gone any better and it’s attributed to all those who attended and helped make it happen.

Sunday morning me and my buddy Ralph packed up our gear and headed over to Waterbury for the Shock and Awe Spring Fling. Shock and Awe is a cigar smoke smoke that sells accessories and such. (http://www.shocknawesmokeshop.com/ )

Kath Bloom is an Artist I had seen at Larry Livolsi’s Farm before.  She is a wonderful Folk singer who reminds me of Bob Dylan with her lyrics. You can check out two of her songs from this day here……

Next up was a band I’ve always loved and you may have heard them on WPKN 89.5 FM before on  David Golden’s show or perhaps Bob D’Aprile’s Connecticut Rocks. The band is called the Jugadelics  (http://jugadelics.com/index.html ) and they are an amazing Jug Band who will really get you dancing and grooving. Here is a link to one of their songs from Sunday (http://youtu.be/rkqcFdjTSVU )

Next up was my personal favorite and good friends String Band. (http://www.facebook.com/TheStringBand/app_2405167945 )

Here is a link to one of their songs from their set……Astro Projecto….(http://youtu.be/GSsZDaL8xHE )

Carbonated Insight

Carbonated Insight

Carbonated Insight went on next but my Video Cameras battery died. But I did manage to sneak a few pictures of them.

They were really great and did an awesome job to close out the festivities for the day and for the weekend for me.  Of course I have to mention I did go home a listen to WESU FM’s Dead Air with Uncle John  ( http://www.deadair881.net ).  I just needed a little more music to finish the weekend.

It was an amazing time, starting out family at QU, beautiful new friends and old at A Friendship Picnic/Mararitville, and finally seeing many great friends at Shock and Awe. Bob Dylan once said “The answers my friend are blowing in the wind” and I found every answer I needed in My Whirlwind Weekend.


Sean Morse - Live Bands Touring

Sean got his start in the Entertainment Business in the summer of 1999 where he served as an Intern at Clear Channel’s KC101 FM and WELI 960 AM in Hamden-New Haven. He left the station to attend Florida State University. Sean returned to Connecticut and in 2003 landed a job at Toad’s Place where he became a key employee. Soon later he would end up working for the world’s largest entertainment company Live Nation Inc. for many years. This position led him to a key industry role as Client Services Rep. at Tickets.com where he worked with various venues around the nation including Mass Concerts (The Webster & The Palladium) Hartman Arena in Kansas, The Wellmont Theater in New Jersey and many others. Sean’s work helped Tickets.com land the prestigious 2009 CIO 100 Technology Award.

In 2007 Sean decided to create Livebandstouring.com as a side project to his regular industry job which offers a youtube channel, event consulting, venue contact info and a variety of other services for bands and other industry professionals.

In 2012 Sean released a book which was converted into a 2 CD Box Set Booklet called Peace, Poetry, and Music which offers original poems, original songs on 1 CD and a bonus CD with cover songs. Sean spends most of his free time doing Yoga, working out at the gym, and enjoying the company of friends and family at local music venues and festivals.

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