Review of JSwine – Sean Morse

Review of JSwine – Sean Morse

For the past several years I’ve been spending my Sunday night’s hanging out listening to WESU 88.1 FM’s DeadAir Radio Program. (  I’ve met some great friends through this show which I am grateful for. One of those friend’s is Jay Swine. (

Other than what’s posted on the JSwine website I had only him play live once before.  So when Jay asked me to come film his duo set with bass player Mike Conklin at the Pattaconk Bar & Grille in Chester, CT I knew this was going to be a fun night of great music.

Jay’s vocals are raspy in an old timey kind of way. It’s a vocal range that’s rare and you don’t hear it often. It reminds me a lot of those old blues singers from the 1930’s. I had actually never been to downtown Chester before. It’s a beautiful upscale area with a nice river running right through the middle of Main St. Right next door to the Pattaconk is a cute little ice cream shop with a sales window right on the sidewalk.

JSwine took the stage at 8pm. He started out his set with the Ray Charles version of “Hit the Road Jack”  and then went into a few more tunes which included Willie Dixon’s “Little Red Rooster”, and “Rock Me Baby”. It’s nice to hear these old songs are still being played by such musicians as JSwine. He then went into the Jerry Garcia/John Barlow hit tune “I need a Miracle which you can view on the Live Bands Touring youtube channel here……..

They then went into the Grateful Dead hit “Going down the Road Feeling Bad” which you can view here…..

He also played one of my favorite from long ago. The Muppet Show song “Put the Lime in the Coconut”. You may remember the song was made into a catchy coke commercial several years ago. Check out JSwine’s version here………….

Jswine then went into a great version of Jimi Hendirx’s “Hey Joe”. The Pattaconk was filling up at this point and the crowd was having a great time. Beers were flowing, the music was going, and the show was a showing. After a short break JSwine returned and played “Sweet Home Chicago”. They then went into a few more songs which included “Black Magic Woman”.

It was a real fun night and nice to how people party down in Chester, CT. The Pattaconk is a great bar with good food and nice vibe. It has beautiful scenery with a great outdoor porch too. JSwine really put a on nice show with great tunes that everyone at the bar enjoyed.  This was a duo set but JSwine also performs with a full band from time to time.  JSwine is a great artist with a lot of soul and definitely someone you need to hear play live.

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