lsg spot – Band Grand Slam Winners – Sept 14 2012

lsg spot – Band Grand Slam Winners – Sept 14 2012

lsg spot
by Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez
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Goodnight Blue Moon

Goodnight Blue Moon

I DISCOVERED A NEW FEMALE ROCK STAR and rediscovered an old favorite Friday night at The Outers Space in Hamden.  I had the pleasure of checking out one of the best triple bill shows I’ve seen in a while – Great Elk (Brooklyn), Good Night Blue Moon, and M.T. Bearington (caught members of Paper Hill Casket Company as well as Sam Perdutachecking it out too!)  The former is a band I’d never heard of who opened it up swinging and the latter is still one of my favorite bands in CT (and who’s bassist is the lovely and talented Kelly L’Heureux).  Sandwiched in between was my mission for the evening…GNBM.  Since I saw their performance on NPR, I was hooked.  And they did not disappoint!  They are UBER talented and had 8, yes 8!, players on stage with them…the core band plus guests.  And what fun they are!  Did I say fun?!?!?!  Cello, mandolin, stand up bass, drums, banjo(s), violin, guitar, trumpet!  Amazing.  The pleasant surprise of the evening was Great Elk.  Hadn’t heard of them before and they were

M.T. Bearington

M.T. Bearington

awesome!  You should check them out!  Rounding out the evening was M.T. Bearington.  It’s been way too long since I’ve seen them and I fell in love all over again.  EXCELLENT night of music from 3 incredible bands!

Since the show, I have been riding around with GNBM’s debut album “How Long” playing.  It is stuck in my head.  Seriously.  I am going to go out on a limb and predict that this album will be on CT best lists AND I will also publically say that I will put money on a GBS Best New Band nomination for them next year.  My story and I’ll stick to it.

Pictures from the show…

AND SPEAKING OF THE PAPERHILL CASKET COMPANY, their debut record is coming out October 20 at Café 9.  Here is a little taste.  Check them out live.  You won’t be disappointed!

I’LL BE COVERING THE LAST GREEN FESTIVAL September 28 – 30.  The Last Green Festival is a 3 day outdoor music and arts festival in Brooklyn, CT. The festival will work to promote sustainability and greener living as well as promote preservation of our region. Our mission to provide education on more sustainable options for greener living will include: Exhibitors, Demonstrations, Public Speakers, Music, Art, Film and a variety of Food and Retail Vendors.  Performers this year include Third Eye Blind, Jeff Pitchell with J. Geils, and Ricky Skaggs.  For more info:

Peace out, everyone!  And as always…

Occupy a VENUE!!

“Spot”light on… The Grand Band Slam WINNERS

“…very soon we are going to make the rest of the world sit up and take notice of our tiny state and its immense scene.” – Chip McCabe, Minister of Propoganda, CT1 Media

And really, that succinctly sums up Wednesday night at the first ever CT Music Awards, Chip McCabe’s love child.

And so does this Facebook post from Jennifer Hill

And that really was fun to observe the morning after.  As I watched my FB feed, I saw all sorts of local musicians “becoming friends” with each other.  I venture to guess that this outcome was one of the things Chip envisioned.

lsg & Chip

lsg & Chip

The evening was just what I’d expect from a music awards show…but better because it was ours.  Fun, glamorous rock star clothing.  Musicians getting to meet one another and talk about how much they like each other’s work.  An excellent cast of presenters (including yours truly!) from media all over plus bona fide rock star, Doug Wimbish (Living Colour).  Excellent live performances by nominees Little Ugly, Hannah Fair, and Ceschi Ramos.  Folks snapping pictures of each other and with each other.  And a damned good after party on the roof at The Russian Lady (with Christian Cajar aka Shag Frenzy spinning).

And the winners of the 2012 Hartford Advocate Grand Band Slam are:

Lsg and Date

lsg and Date

Best Cover Band: Shakedown
Best DJ: Mo Nicklz
Best New Band: 1974
Best “Other”: Fake Babies
Best Jazz: Isaac Young
Best Singer/Songwriter: Becky Kessler
Best Punk: Jacques le Coque
Best Blues: Matt Zeiner
Best Reggae: I Anbassa
Best Indie Rock: Fight the Fear
Best Country: Daphne Lee Martin
Best Metal: Dead by Wednesday
Best Folk/Traditional: String Theorie
Best Hip-Hop: Apathy
Best Rock: Suicide Dolls
Best Overall Band: Echo and Drake

I’d like to give out a few awards of my own…

Best Use of “Theme Dressing” – Mandrake Mechanism
Most Surprised/Shocked Winners – 1974
Best Body Paint – Kris Keyes
Best Rock Star Ensemble – Joe Morbidelli
Best Awards Show Host Ever – Chip McCabe

Jesse and Karen Stanford

Jesse and Karen Stanford

It was a joyous night for everyone.  It was terrific to see the support coming from all over.  Families of the musicians proudly watched as their loved ones were nominated.  Folks from our major hot beds of music were also in attendance – New Haven, Hartford, New London, Bridgeport all in the house.  It was great to see Doug Wimbish hanging out after and taking pictures with the bands.  What a treat for all of us to have him there.

I also want to give mention to New London and The Whalie Awards.  As many of you know, New London has its own amazing awards show honoring New London musicians.  I know their show was inspiration for the CT Music Awards so big up to them.

As for this “walking party” (thanks, Chip!), I had the best bleeping time presenting the Best Country award to Daphne Lee Martin.  In introducing the category, I dropped a couple (or 5 or 10) of F bombs.  As most of you know if you read my blog or know me personally, I pepper my everyday language with it.  It has nothing to do with stature or class or ignorance.  I simply like the word and the punctuation it delivers.  It’s multi-faceted in its potential for use…Noun.  Interjection.  Verb.  And it never fails to evoke emotion when used.  I fucking love it.  I received some criticism from an LBR fan for it.  She’s entitled to her opinion.

In case you weren’t there, here it is.  And yes, keep it out of earshot of your kids or your grandma, ok?

PS…And pretty sure David Fisch said “Coque”.  =P~

So congrats to all of the nominees and the winners.  The caliber of nominees in each category was simply outstanding.  As cliché as it may sound, you were all winners.  And as long as you guys keep doing what you’re doing with continued passion and drive, we ALL win.

To Chip McCabe:  Your baby is just lovely.  Thanks for sharing.

Here’s Little Ugly with their performance at the show!  It’s just beautiful.

Some excellent photo galleries for you to check out!,0,1509037.photogallery,0,5942734.photogallery,0,1240055.photogallery


What’s Playing in “The Flounce”? Goodnight Blue Moon
(Music in my car CD player this week!)            

Band:  Goodnight Blue Moon
Album: How Long
Genre:  Orchestral/Acoustic/Folk
Fave Track:  How Long (I continually find myself singing it)

What’s HOT this week…


Friday September 14

* Waylon Speed with The Mallett Brothers, Arch Street Tavern, Hartford – 10:00 pm

* Fight the Fear, WCCC Luau, Blackstone Irish Pub, Southington –4:00 pm

* Dave Hogan Happy Hour, Two Boots, Bridgeport –5:30 pm


* Off the Cuff, Main Street Grille, Broad Brooke – 7:30 pm

* Brian Lee Skidmore, Bank Street Café, New London – 8:00 pm

* DriveTime, Maple Tree Café, Simsbury – 8:30 pm

* Michael Cleary Band, The Winchester, Portland – 9:00 pm

* Green Label Band, T’s Café and Lounge, Hartford – 9:00 pm

* Karmic Justice, Z’s Corner Café, West Haven – 9:30 pm


Saturday September 15

* The Marks Brothers, Wormtown StrangeCreek Festival, Greefield, MA – 11:00 am

* Jess McFarland and others, New Britain Substance Free Family Day – From noon all day

* Drydock Music Festival feat. Peacock Flounders and Stark Raving Lulu,  The Dry Dock, Wallingford – 2 days, All Day

* Festivus feat Graylight Campfire, Ray Kelly’s, Bridgeport –Noon All Day

* Fast Lane Band, Benefit Concert, Old Grove Park, West Haven – 6:00 pm

* Post Modern Panic, Farewood, The Electric Shoes, Benefit Show, Zen Bar, Plainville – 6:00 pm

* Rope and Harry T, Never Ending Books, New Haven – 7:30 pm

* Driven, Spice Bar and Grill, Southington – 9:00 pm

* Perhaps w Wess Meets West and Breakthrough Frequencies, Café 9, New Haven – 9:00 pm

* Shag Frenzy, Up or On the Rocks, Hartford – 10:00 pm

* Bad Rooster, The Red Door, Watertown – 10:00 pm


Thursday September 20

* Grand Band Slam 2012 Concerts

Two Boots (Bridgeport)

Fake Babies
Mandrake Mechanism

Black-Eyed Sally’s (Hartford)

Bad Rooster
Forgotten By Friday
Daphne Lee Martin & Raise The Rent

Additional Photo Credits for this blog post:
CT.Com – Sean Fowler


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