lsg spot – Halloween 2 – October 26 2012

lsg spot – Halloween 2 – October 26 2012

lsg spot
by Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez

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HOT Rewind

This one will be short this week as I grounded myself because I’ve been…yes, SICK.  For a month now.  I’m so sick of the word sick I could kick it in the…dick.  Oh hush up.  You’ve read the disclaimer before!  But, I did select one show that was a must for me on Sunday night…

Me and MLNY 10.2012

Me and MLNY 10.2012

FEMALE BADASSERY is what MLNY Parsonz is along with her band, Royal Thunder out of Atlanta, GA.  I’m sure any of you familiar with Chip McCabe has heard the name as he has been raving about them for some time.  And he’s right to do so, per usual.  The last time the band came around, I had the good fortune of speaking with MLNY.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the show.  My loss for sure.  But, I did receive a copy of their CVI record and was hooked.  So this time, not going was not an option even if I had to travel with a recessitator!  And damn I’m glad I did!  The show was at Cherry Street Station in Wallingford.  Cool place.  Very metal.  Good scary kind of vibe…and since it is Halloween…even more so.  I didn’t arrive in time to see Old Man Lady Luck and I’m sorry for that.  I’m told they are great and I should catch them next time.  I did, however, make it there in the middle of the Nightbitchset.  I absolutely love Nightbitch.  They rock hard and are some of the coolest dudes I know.  So, as I’m standing there between sets, in walks MLNY herself.  At this point in the game, I don’t get too giddy when meeting a “star”.  However, many of you know my love of bad ass female bass players but couple that with lead vocals and black leather?  Dear god!  I literally

MLNY from Royal Thunder

MLNY from Royal Thunder

Chris from Nightbitch

Chris from Nightbitch

grabbed her arm as she cruised by (ok I nearly tackled her!) and introduced myself…and gushed like a school girl.  She is a gem and she could even give me details about our previous conversation so I that just put me over the moon.  Slap!  Back to the show…Royal Thunder takes the stage to a crowd of true blue fans.  They opened with the slow building “Sleeping Witch” with MLNY swaying in time with her bass.  The set was just amazing.  I watched along with Matt from Fatgrip and we both marveled at  her vocal range…sometimes growling, sometimes angel whisper.  Suffices to say, I LOVED the show.  And so did the crowd who howled and chanted until the band got the ok for one more song.  I even picked up CVI on vinyl because I honestly believe it’s one of those records that should be heard that way.  I am confident that Chip will make sure Royal Thunder hits CT again real soon.  As for all of you, you better be there!  Everyone should see this band!

My pictures from the show:

My interview in June with MLNY

It’s Halloween and there are a lot of amazing things going on to celebrate the witching season.  Get out there and check out a show or event!!

Peace out, everyone!  And as always…

Occupy a VENUE!!

“Spot”light on… Not Enough Hours in the Week

I need to apologize to Opus from Dead by Wednesday and Issac Young.  I have two amazing interviews with them and I haven’t transcribed yet.  I swear I will carve out a block of time for both of you.  They were great interviews and I truly want to share what you each had to say.  <3

HOT local video of the week…Hannah Fair

Hannah Fair is a young artist to watch.  She has an amazing voice and her songs are…well, they just make me happy!  Check her out!


What’s Playing in “The Flounce”? RAVE ON:  A TRIBUTE TO THE REDUCERS
(Music in my car CD player this week!)            

Band:  Various
Album: Rave On:  A Tribute to the Reducers
Genre:  Rock n Roll

Fave Track:  It was tough for me to choose just one.  This is a wonderful tribute to a band that is no longer because of the untimely death of bass player, Steve Kaika.  But, if pressed, I choose “Boys Will Be Boys” by Frigate.  It’s balls out rock n roll sung by a chick.  Nuff said.  Pick up this album.  All proceeds go to the Kaika family.  R.I.P.

What’s HOT this week…

Friday October 26

* Lipgloss Crisis Halloween Show (Burlesque!), Café 9, New Haven – 9:00 pm

* YARN , Arch Street Tavern, Hartford – 10:00 pm

* Nightmare on Allyn Street Block Party, Up or On the Rocks – 3:00 pm

* Sue Menhart Band , Stash’s, New London – 5:30 pm

* Rock n Roll Halloween w Weird Beards and more, Bank Street Café, New London – 8:00 pm

* Graylight Campfire Halloween Show , Huntington Street Café, Shelton – 8:00 pm

* Museum After Dark Halloween Bash (Burlesque!), New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain – 8:00 pm

* ZOOM , Chicago Sam’s, Cromwell – 9:00 pm

* MATH THE BAND , Oasis Pub, New London – 9:30 pm

* Bands for Boobs with Karmic Justice and others , Whiskey’s, Derby – 9:30 pm

* Mon Monarch with Chuck Costa , Two Boots, Bridgeport – 9:30 pm

* Novus Dae , Firehouse, Plainville – 10:00 pm

* Manic Productions presents MONO with Chris Brokaw , The Space, Hamden – 10:00 pm

* Nancy Parent CD Release Party , All Souls, New London – 7:30 pm

* Favorite Mistake , Billy Tee’s, Cromwell – 6:00 pm

* McLovins with Flux Capacitor , High Noon Saloon, Norwich –9:30 pm


Saturday October 27

* Manic Productions presents Blitzen Trapper w Mercies, Arch Street Tavern, Hartford – 8:00 pm

* Crash 21, Michael Cleary Band, Crosseyed Cat at Doomsday Fair, Riverfront Boat House, Hartford? – 10:00 am

* Free Candy w Fake Babies and You Scream I Scream, The Submarine, New Haven – 9:00 pm

* Halloween Around the World w Jennifer Hill and Shag Frenzy, MAC 650 Gallery, Middletown – 7:00 pm

* Halloween Bash w The Devil’s Rejects, T’s Café, Hartford – 7:00 pm

* Americana Music Fest w Amalgamated Muck and more , The Kate, Old Saybrook – 8:00 pm

* Donahue’s Halloween Bash w Fast Lane Band, Donahue’s, Madison –98:00 pm

* Bad Rooster, Sam the Clam’s, Plantsville – 9:00 pm

* Bandwith Karaoke , Anna Liffey’s, New Haven – 10:00 pm

* Halloween Party w Drive Time, Hammer Down Bar and Grill, Manchester – 9:00 pm

* Bands for Boobs with Karmic Justice and others , Whiskey’s, Derby – 9:30 pm


Sunday October 28

* Manic Productions presents Napalm Death and others, El ‘n’ Gee, New London– 7:00 pm


Tuesday October 30

* Full Circle Music presents The Misfits, Club INT, New Britain – 7:00 pm

* Namoli Brennet with George Morgio, The Church of the Holy Spirit, West Haven– 7:00 pm


Wednesday October 31

* Manic Productions presents Witch Mountain and others, BAR, New Haven – 7:00 pm


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Hailing from Hartford, CT, Lisa is a life- long music connoisseur. Growing up, her mother exposed her to everything from The Stones to Simon and Garfunkel to Earth, Wind, and Fire to Loretta Lynn…and everything in between. No genre was left unexplored in her vinyl collection. She saw her first concert at 14…Rod Stewart at the (then called) Hartford Civic Center. Thirty years later, it’s still her favorite pastime.

Lisa has two kids (grown!) and a day job. Her loves of music and photography have melded into a second career. And her love of CT keeps her promoting and pushing for local artists and performers. Lisa spends the greater part of her free time seeing and shooting live bands, performers, and artists and art work…and purchasing vinyl!

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