Anne’s Shore & More #66 – November 14 2012

Anne’s Shore & More #66 – November 14 2012

This weekend, you will have an opportunity to see a bunch of talented musicians perform for a great cause. On Friday night, seventeen local acts will perform at the Hoot For Hunger, to benefit the New London Community Meal Center. The show begins at 7 pm, and it will take place at a new location, the Bulkeley House Saloon (111 Bank Street) in New London. Performers will each have ten-minute slots, and though it might seem optimistic to expect such a show to run on time, you can bet that organizers Sherry Stidfole and Hugh Birdsall will make that happen. These well-attended fundraisers have been taking place for many years now, at several different venues in town, and they have been able to collect a generous amount of donations to feed the hungry. Here is a list of the artists and their set times:

7:00 – Noah Feldman (

7:10 – Pat Daddona (

7:20 – Paul and Cathy Carolan

7:30 – Michael Bailey

7:40 – Geoff Kaufman (

7:50 – Ohio Freer Collective

8:00 – Woody

8:10 – Carl Suiter, Jr. (

8:20 – Snake

8:30 – Dogbite (

8:40 – Ben Parent (

8:50 – Sue Mead (

9:00 – Chris MacKay+ (

9:20 – Gaetano

9:30 – Dirt Road Radio (

9:40 – Craig Johnson(

9:50 – The Crew (AKA everyone)

For more information, contact Hugh Birdsall, or Sherry Stidfole, There is no admission charge, but donations will be collected for the New London Community Meal Center.

Also on Friday night, the Sue Menhart Band ( will be playing a happy hour show over at Stash’s Cafe on Pequot Avenue in New London. Cover charge is unknown (there may not be one), but the show is all ages. Sue has two albums and an EP to her credit, and she has a busy gig schedule with solo shows and band shows in addition to the occasional appearance with Nancy Parent this past year. This is bound to be a high-energy evening, as Sue puts 100% into every performance. You can have dinner (and drinks, of course), and the band will play from 5:30-8:30 pm.

On Saturday night, there’s a big show at 33 Golden Street in New London, where Wrist Like This ( will be having a cassette release party. Yes, you read that correctly. Cassettes. The cassettes will be sold with a download code, and there’s a post on the Facebook event promising that “proprietary devices on which to play this medium will be on sale for cheap”. That means you can get an inexpensive cassette player if you don’t have one. (Those of us who drive older cars already have them in our vehicles and us *ahem* slightly older music fans still have them at home as well. You kids are on your own here…) The recording was made by Jason Banta, who has a great ear, so I’m sure it will sound awesome. And it’s a really fun idea. In addition to the cassette release, this show will also be the final performance of Recur Occurrence ( These  guys have put out some of New London’s best local music during their five years together, and it will be sad to see them go. If you aren’t familiar with them, the band consists of Jason Banta on guitar and vocals, Corina Malbaurn on bass, and Ben LaRose on drums. Fun fact: Ben recently competed in the Guitar Center drum-off district finals in New York City after winning the local competition. In addition to Recur Occurrence, he also plays with Matzah Cigar and the Suicide Dolls. Corina is also currently working with John Fries and the MacLeans, and she has played in too many other bands to list. Jason is a member of Burnouts From Outer Space. So while Recur Occurrence will be sadly missed, its members will continue to be visible and quite busy with their other musical projects. Let’s hope for a reunion show before too long, though… Also on the bill will be Powerblessings (, from Northampton, MA. The show starts at 9 pm and cover is $5.

Here’s Recur Occurrence at Elm Bar in New Haven performing “Inside My Head”:


Wed 11/14/12  – Johnson’s Crossroad, Goodnight Blue Moon at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm


Thu 11/15/12  – JC Hatfield at Sneekers Cafe in Groton 7-10 pm NO COVER

- Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Sperm Donor at Elm Bar in New Haven 9 pm

- Hunter Valentine, Queen Caveat at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm

- The Womack Family Band, Daphne Lee Martin at Two Boots in Bridgeport 9pm NO COVER


Fri 11/16/12    - Sue Menhart Band at Stash’s Cafe in New London 5:30-8:30 pm

- Hoot For Hunger at the Bulkeley House Saloon in New London 7-10 pm (to benefit New London Community Meal Center)

7:00 – Noah Feldman

7:10 – Pat Daddona

7:20 – Paul and Cathy Carolan

7:30 – Michael Bailey

7:40 – Geoff Kaufman

7:50 – Ohio Freer Collective

8:00 – Woody

8:10 – Carl Suiter, Jr.

8:20 – Snake

8:30 – Dogbite

8:40 – Ben Parent

8:50 – Sue Mead

9:00 – Chris MacKay+

9:20 – Gaetano

9:30 – Dirt Road Radio

9:40 – Craig Johnson

9:50 – The Crew

- The Forthrights at the Oasis Pub in New London

- The Steel Wheels, Winter White at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- David Dondero, Eurisko (acoustic), Frank Critelli at the Outer Space in Hamden  8 pm

Sat 11/17/12    - Wrist Like This!, Recur Occurrence, Powerblessings at 33 Golden Street in New London (Cassette release party)

- Damn Broads, Yo!Scunt, Absum at the Bank Street Cafe in New London 9 pm

- Uncle Flatty at Shortie’s Pub in Oakdale 9 pm

- Sarah Borges Band at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- Party Horse, the New Dirty at Elm Bar in New Haven

- Bella Morte, the Lost Riots, the Theatre Zombies at Two Boots in Bridgeport 9 pm


Sun 11/18/12   – The Joe Krown Trio at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm

- Van Ghost at Stella Blues in New Haven

- String Fingers Band, Mother Banjo at the Outer Space in Hamden 8 pm


Tues 11/20/12 – Milksop:Unsung at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm


Wed 11/21/12  - The Rivergods at the Bulkeley House in New London 9 pm

- John Fries at the Commoner in New London 9 pm

- Lord Fowl, the Naked Heroes at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm


Fri 11/23/12    – M.T. Bearington, You Scream I Scream, the Weird Beards at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- The Planets, The Richerds, and more at Two Boots in Bridgeport 9pm NO COVER


Sat 11/24/12    – Shakedown, The Weird Beards at the Bank Street Cafe in New London

- Combat Crisis, Sadplant, Trans Fat, Theater Zombies, Damn Broads, Red Line Rebels, Reason to Fight, Deadwood, Pickpocket, the Wasted at the El ‘n’ Gee in New London 4 pm

- Duke Robillard Band, Paul Gabriel at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- Murdervan at Elm Bar in New Haven

- The Clams, North Shore Troubadours, 9th Wave at Olde School Saloon & Bistro 8 pm

- After Autumn, Kristen Graves w/ Brian Dolzani and Glenn Roth at Two Boots in Bridgeport 9pm NO COVER



Anne Castellano is a New London songwriter and musician who has played in several bands over the years (the Uninformed, the Skin Walkers, and the Cavities). She has been performing as a solo artist since 2007 but is currently rehearsing with her new band Anne Castellano and the Smoke.

In 2010 she released a full-length self-produced CD entitled “What’s Been Going On” on the New London-based Cosmodemonic Telegraph label. She is a 30-year veteran of college radio, and is currently doing the Deranged Radio Show on alternate Tuesday evenings from 6-9pm at WCNI 90.9 FM in New London.

She grew up in New Fairfield, CT in a musical family, with a father who played guitar and listened to country artists such as Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, and a mother who loved Elvis Presley. Involvement in band and chorus in high school led to membership in the UCONN Marching Band and a two-week tour of Europe performing with the band in the early 1980s.

Anne moved to New London in 1987 because of the vibrant local music scene there. In 2005 she began putting together a concert calendar to get the word out about all the local band shows that were taking place in the area. She enjoys books, animals, hiking, and the beach, and sees as much live original music as her “day job” schedule permits.

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