Daphne Lee Martin – Moxie – CD Review

Daphne Lee Martin – Moxie – CD Review


 Daphne Lee Martin


When writing an album review I personally have always liked when the reviewer gives you some comparison or reference so that you can get a “sense” of the sound. For instance, you will hear many times in rock reviews that a song has a Zeppelin”esque” sound to it or reminiscent of the Stones. Daphne Lee Martin’s Moxie is reminiscent of NOTHING.  It stands alone.

The first track is Sweet & Low Down.  A throwback to the 20’s era with horns and the sultry sounds of Daphne enveloping you.  Being a child of the 80’s and growing up with the MTV generation that actually saw music videos played, I find myself setting the stage for how this song would look if brought to the big screen;  visions of Capone and redheads in flapper dresses takes over my mind.  Just when I think I have Daphne’s sound all figured out she throws “Belly” at you with a drum beat and guitar rhythm that fast forwards the time machine to the early 70’s and you literally want to strut down the sidewalk blasting this soulful tune in your ears while you take in the sights and sounds of the city streets.

Faithless Beauty is literally a Tango between two lovers and I couldn’t get enough of this tune.  I played it three times just to hear the lyrics again.  John Panos is brilliant on trumpet filling the air with the battle cry between a man and woman and the song ends as abruptly as the relationship and that’s exactly how it should.

I can’t get over how Daphne infuses so many genres into one record. She mixes soul, reggae, Latin, and who knows what other influences she has sprinkled in between to delight your senses. The only constant in this album is the forever ethereal voice of Daphne herself. She knows who she is and what type of singer she was born to be.  She isn’t trying to adapt her vocals to the style of the song and that’s what makes it even more intriguing.

Daphne is ahead of her time, yet born too late. She could have been a torch singer. In her sequin gowns and long cigarettes, yet her vision and arrangements are the future of the music industry. A fresh new sound born from the classics.   It is what musicians should aspire for.  Moxie is like your favorite grandmothers candy dish. A mixture of your favorites all rolled in to one and literally something for everyone.

Daphne Lee Martin – Belly:

Tamyra Davis

A singer in her own right, Tamyra Davis has been performing with local bands and as a solo act for 20 years after graduating from the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. She was chosen to perform for Hartford’s hands across America program and was approached by the Rev. Jesse Jackson backstage who proclaimed “Girl you have pipes”.

Tam has been singing since the ripe old age of 5 years old when her mother caught her doing an entire performance of the Captain and Tenille’s version of “You better shop around” in the front seat of her Cadillac. Born and raised in Southington, CT Tamyra was fortunate to grow up in a house full of music and studied voice through private lessons and master classes. Her appreciation for the “art” of music is what brought her to LBR and we are pleased to have her on board.

Tamyra lives in Berlin, CT with her boyfriend, a drummer and master vinyl collector and two dogs. She has a 16 year old son who is a blogger himself on all things sports. Tam serves on the Board of Directors for Bikers Against Animal Cruelty who help abused and neglected animals and she is happily jamming with some of her favorite bands while doing occasional reunion shows with UnCovered , the band she fronted until she decides on her next adventure.



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