lsg spot – It’s February already?

lsg spot – It’s February already?

lsg spot
by Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez

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HOT Rewind

HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR TO ALL!  Last year was a blast and I know this year will equal or surpass.

I’ve made some changes…And would like to thank 2 people for their help in that regard…

Dave at Angry Chair in Newington…for the rad new look and understanding what fabulous means.  Much love.!/splash


Mike at Liberty Tattoo in Berlin…for my latest ink.  It’s a precious reminder to me that I will look at every day until I die.  Thank you for knowing.


Before I roll into the new year…I just want to close out about a few things from the end of last year and the last few weeks (and then perhaps I can stay current…what a slacker!)


I saw two absolutely amazing shows at Arch Street the end of December – Marco Benevento with the Issac Young Quartet warming up (and that show was actually one of my favorite shows in any venue this year!) and Nels Cline (Wilco) and Julian Lage with Becky Kessler and Floyd Kellogg opening up.  The place was jam packed for both and the energy amazing.  I’ve seen Marco pound the keys before but this show was special. Starting out with a smooth set from Issac Young, he put everyone in a nice mellow groove for Marco.  And then Marco hit the stage for an incredible set that kept everyone dancing including a little Benny and the Jets and a snippet from The Nutcracker for the holidays!  What a scene!  And if that wasn’t enough to top off the year, Nels Cline sat down with his acoustic along with up and coming virtuoso, Julian Lage to perform some amazingly intricate original acoustic tunes.  Absolutely ridiculous.  You had to be there.  Honestly, I’m not sure how Arch Street is going to top or even match what they brought in to the venue last year but my money’s on them to make it happen!


Here are my pictures from Marco Benevento:


Nels Cline:


I also have had the chance to check out Thursday nights at Black Eyed Sally’sRoots Music Series has made a “home” there on a weekly basis bringing in pretty great local bands.  For my first show (and this has been going on for a while now), I got to see a few of my local favorites…Goodnight Blue Moon and Becky Kessler and Floyd Kellogg.  Excellent in every way.  You should check it out.  Sally’s is stepping up their  game in a big way!


Onward!  Some things to look out for this year:


Incredible local and/or national shows at:

Arch Street Tavern, Hartford

The Great Hall, Hartford

Up or On the Rocks, Hartford

Black Eyed Sally’s, Hartford

The Space, Outer Space, and the BRAND NEW Spaceland Ballroom, Hamden

Café 9, New Haven

BAR, New Haven

Toad’s Place, New Haven

The Oasis, New London

El N Gee, New London

33 Golden Street, New London

Two Boots, Bridgeport

Zen Bar, Plainville

Hungry Tiger, Manchester

The Main Pub, Manchester

Of course, there are so many other venues I haven’t mentioned but please check out what’s going on in your town or leave your comfort zone and find a new place!


Amazing shows brought to you by:

Manic Productions

Oddball Entertainment


Full Circle Music Productions

Taco Hut Records and Promotions

Mindz-I Entertainment Group

Lucky Souls


Some of the best regional music festivals (dates are announced….put them on your calendars):

Gathering of the Vibes

Meriden Daffodil Festival


Podunk Bluegrass Festival


And new music from amazing local CT bands beginning this January/February:


Daphne Lee Martin

CD Release – Her New Haven CD release is February 16 at Café 9.  Don’t miss her bring Moxie to life!


Jose Oyola

CD Release – His CD release is packed full of amazing local bands like MT Bearington, The Guru, and Fake Babies.  Feb 2


Bedroom Rehab Corporation

The band is playing a really cool gig opening up for Royal Thunder on February 23 at Café 9.  Seriously…Don’t miss this show!



Released January 19, this album has already garnered high acclaim from and is a new favorite for lsg!  Purchase your digital copy here…!


Breakthrough Frequencies

Releasing their new EP on 1.29.2013, this is the first new CD from the band in 3 years!


Brazen Hussy

Crazy good straight forward garage punk whipped at your head by a fiery red head!  Get some!

And as many local and national photos, reviews, and interviews as I can pack into my world!

I will also continue to bring you a local CD each week as I listen in my car and a new local video.  If you’d like your work to be included, please send me video links and/or your latest CD/record.  There was an amazing wealth of local music last year and I know there’s more waiting to be enjoyed in 2013!!


A few more things:                                     

Hartford Advocate Best of Hartford nominations are now open!  Please vote for all your local favorites in many categories!  Please vote for Local Band Review (under Media & Education) for Best Blog (we won last year!), Best Hyperlocal News Site (we were 3rd last year), and Best Twitterer and lsg Original Photography for best photography (Under Weddings, I think!).  We will be eternally grateful!


The Vagina Monologues are back again at The Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford!  And I have the honor of being part of the cast for my 3rd year!  Please come check us out as we discuss…Vaginas!  It’s funny and poignant and you will leave knowing a hell of a lot more than you knew when you walked in!!  Tickets on sale now for shows February 1 & 2.  Get em quick!  This show sells out EVERY YEAR!  Rise up with us and help support our global efforts to end abuse and violence against women.


Little Ugly need your help in getting their CD produced!  I am confident this album is going to be amazing, especially in light of the single “And We Said.”  Please help this amazing band reach their goal!


McLovins are trying to get themselves to a really cool festival in Florida… AURA Music & Arts Festival.  They could really use your help getting there.  If you’d like to help the boys out, here is the link to their Kickstarter


Many local CT bands are throwing their hats in the ring to perform at Madison Square Garden at Eric Clapton’s Guitar Festival in April!!  But they need YOUR help!  Click on the link below and then scroll through the bands who are looking for votes and vote!  It’s that easy!  This would be an amazing opportunity for any CT band or musician!

Please take the time to find out about what’s going on in the CT music and entertainment scene.  We have a vibrant and talented group of folks working hard at their respective crafts in their respective genres.  There is SO much out there waiting for you when you…OCCUPY A VENUE!!

Cheers and best wish for a fantabulous 2013 to all!



HOT local video of the week… SYMPHONY OF MALICE

I am a fan of Edwin Escobar’s videos.  I had never heard Symphony of Malice before Mr. Escobar posted this video yesterday with the proclamation “Yes sir.  Metal baby.”  I had to have a look.  Excellent video for a nice and sweet metal band!  \m/



What’s Playing in “The Flounce”? The Foresters

(Music in my car CD player this week!)            


Band:  The Foresters

Album: The Foresters

Genre:  Disco Rock


Fave Track:  Rubber Band


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Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez – lsg Original

Lover of music and the visual arts, Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez is the insanity behind lsg original photography. lsg specializes in artist and performer photography. She’s had the honor of photographing national bands such as Weezer, Snoop Dogg, A Simple Plan, Paramore, Whitesnake, Wye Oak, and The Antlers along with countless local bands and performers.

Hailing from Hartford, CT, Lisa is a life- long music connoisseur. Growing up, her mother exposed her to everything from The Stones to Simon and Garfunkel to Earth, Wind, and Fire to Loretta Lynn…and everything in between. No genre was left unexplored in her vinyl collection. She saw her first concert at 14…Rod Stewart at the (then called) Hartford Civic Center. Thirty years later, it’s still her favorite pastime.

Lisa has two kids (grown!) and a day job. Her loves of music and photography have melded into a second career. And her love of CT keeps her promoting and pushing for local artists and performers. Lisa spends the greater part of her free time seeing and shooting live bands, performers, and artists and art work…and purchasing vinyl!

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