Band’s Shameless Plugs – March 1st 2013

Band’s Shameless Plugs – March 1st 2013

Every week we ask the bands to post their shows on our Facebook page so here are their recommendations from the bands themselves. In other words shameless plugs enjoy and have a great weekend. For more recommendations check out both Lisa and Anne’s blog on this site.

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One Responseto “Band’s Shameless Plugs – March 1st 2013”

  1. Doctor Rocker says:

    DOCTOR ROCKER’S PSYCHEDELIC MEDICINE SHOW, 7:30 to 9:30 at the Downtown Cafe, 118 Main Street, Bristol, to be followed by bluesman, Eran Troy Danner. DOCTOR ROCKER will present an all-out ultraviolet acoustic/electric original/rock and roll cover performance, guaranteed to curl your socks, frazzle your brain, and cure all that ails ya’! Come on out and rock with the Doc! By all means, sample the Doctor’s elixer! Then enjoy the amazing versatility of Mr. Danner live.