Brazen Hussy – When I Grow Up I Wanna Be a Princess – CD Review

Brazen Hussy – When I Grow Up I Wanna Be a Princess – CD Review

Brazen Hussy  “When I Grow Up I Wanna Be a Princess”

Genre:  Punk/Rock n Roll

Brazen Hussy

Ok Kids. First off, when this CD was handed to me and I saw the band name I thought to myself,
“Dammit, now why didn’t I think of that?” I proceeded to open the CD Cover and inside it said “When I grow up I wanna be a princess.”  Well, thank the Music Gods.  No princesses here, just Brazen Hussy.

Brazen Hussy can best be explained like this. Courtney Love and Joan Jett decided to have a love child and asked Joey Ramone to be the donor. Yes. That’s Brazen Hussy. A dirty martini of rock and roll, punk with a great hook on top.  You can’t help but turn it up.  The album is a must have.  For me there are three tunes that really stand out and already have a home on my ipod.

She tried so hard to be extra damn pretty her hair dye killed her and it’s pretty shitty. – Lyrics from Moon Blonde, a song about the alleged demise of Jean Harlow.  A witty tale about the evils of the entertainment industry and, of course, hair dye entwined with a killer guitar groove.  You will find yourself hitting repeat over and over again because it is one of “those” songs.  I could give you the entire lyric but then that would be cheating because you have to hear it to truly appreciate the perfection that is Moon Blonde.

Rock & Roll Girl - I’m a rock n roll girl walkin’ with my dog. Don’t you fuck with me because I’ll kick your ass.  Yes, the lyrics are simple but simply awesome. Rock & Roll Girl is an anthem for every rocker chic who makes no apologies for who they are. This is the song you sing loud and proud while driving in your car. It doesn’t matter if you can sing or not.  This is my song and if you are a rock and roll girl it’s your song too.

No More -A break up song that Taylor Swift wishes she could write so that she could get some rock n roll street cred.  No More goes through the motions of sadness, despair and anger, but unlike most break up songs, No More has this melody that can only be explained like a kid sticking his tongue out sayin “nah, nah, nah, nah, nah nah”.  Because in the end “she wins”.

The version of Broke Into your Facebook was recorded live and proves that this isn’t a studio magic band. No auto tune, or doubled up background vocals. Brazen Hussy is raw, honest and live.  The majority of the tunes are a little shy of 3 minutes.  It’s a fast paced record that before you know it is over.  Don’t waste your time.  Just put it on repeat.

Brazen Hussy is Sara Florek on vocals, Liz Larson on guitar and vocals, Rich Martin on Bass, and Matt Potter on drums.  Everyone needs some Brazen Hussy in their life.

I give it two devil horns up! Rock on Kids. Rock on!!


Tamyra Davis

A singer in her own right, Tamyra Davis has been performing with local bands and as a solo act for 20 years after graduating from the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. She was chosen to perform for Hartford’s hands across America program and was approached by the Rev. Jesse Jackson backstage who proclaimed “Girl you have pipes”.

Tam has been singing since the ripe old age of 5 years old when her mother caught her doing an entire performance of the Captain and Tenille’s version of “You better shop around” in the front seat of her Cadillac. Born and raised in Southington, CT Tamyra was fortunate to grow up in a house full of music and studied voice through private lessons and master classes. Her appreciation for the “art” of music is what brought her to LBR and we are pleased to have her on board.

Tamyra lives in Berlin, CT with her boyfriend, a drummer and master vinyl collector and two dogs. She has a 16 year old son who is a blogger himself on all things sports. Tam serves on the Board of Directors for Bikers Against Animal Cruelty who help abused and neglected animals and she is happily jamming with some of her favorite bands while doing occasional reunion shows with UnCovered , the band she fronted until she decides on her next adventure.

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