Hannah Fair – Open Road – CD Review

Hannah Fair – Open Road – CD Review

Hannah Fair- Open Road
Genre:  Americana 

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Hanna Fair

Hanna Fair

Hello My Pretties, Welcome back.  So glad you have returned to see what I think about today’s artist:  Hannah Fair.

If ever I doubted that reincarnation is real, those doubts were swept away after just a few words from the oh so talented Hannah Fair.  There is no way she hasn’t been here before.  Her music is that of an old soul, someone who has lived, lost, loved and shares her stories though song, yet Hanna Fair just graduated High School in 2012.  Amazing, simply amazing.

Recorded at Dirt Floor Studios in Chester, CT, Hannah’s album, The Open Road is a blend of Americana, pop, and folk.  She cites one of her influences as Brandi Carlisle and I most definitely hear the similarities but there is a timber to Hannah’s voice that sets her apart.  She may have pop influences, but her music is more concentrated in the American/Folk/Country genres and will definitely stand the test of time long after the pop stars are gone.

My favorite track on the album is most definitely, Fated.  The story of the undeniable, inescapable, all-consuming love that is fated to be.  Her voice is ethereal and envelops you.  Open Road which is the title track of the album is like a train rolling in.  Johnny Cash would be impressed with this young storyteller’s account of life on the open road after being left by her true love.

Poor June tugs at the heart strings of all women who have ever been scorned by a smooth talking man and left to deal with the aftermath of a love that was on fire and was quickly left to burn out alone.

I personally, enjoy Hannah when she dials back the vocals and settles in to that place in her voice where it’s pure and raw and you hear the emotion in every single word she says.  It’s that “sweet spot” (God help me,  the damned American Idol Judges put that term in my psyche and I haven’t been able to come up with a better analogy yet.. Gimme time).  Hannah Fair is just getting started and I am excited to see where she goes.

Hannah Fair’s Open Road can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon or CDBaby.

Until next time boys and girls, Remember People + The Music= The Scene. SUPPORT LIVE AND LOCAL MUSIC.    Tam


Tamyra Davis

A singer in her own right, Tamyra Davis has been performing with local bands and as a solo act for 20 years after graduating from the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. She was chosen to perform for Hartford’s hands across America program and was approached by the Rev. Jesse Jackson backstage who proclaimed “Girl you have pipes”.

Tam has been singing since the ripe old age of 5 years old when her mother caught her doing an entire performance of the Captain and Tenille’s version of “You better shop around” in the front seat of her Cadillac. Born and raised in Southington, CT Tamyra was fortunate to grow up in a house full of music and studied voice through private lessons and master classes. Her appreciation for the “art” of music is what brought her to LBR and we are pleased to have her on board.

Tamyra lives in Berlin, CT with her boyfriend, a drummer and master vinyl collector and two dogs. She has a 16 year old son who is a blogger himself on all things sports. Tam serves on the Board of Directors for Bikers Against Animal Cruelty who help abused and neglected animals and she is happily jamming with some of her favorite bands while doing occasional reunion shows with UnCovered , the band she fronted until she decides on her next adventure.



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