lsg Spotlight on Living Colour

lsg Spotlight on Living Colour

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by Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez

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Spotlight on Living Colour



Vivid is 25.  Yeah.  I’m just going to let that sit there so you can try and wrap your head around it.  Isn’t that the point where we label things “antiques”?  Well, if so, there is nothing in the world antiquated about Vivid.  And, as I watch the reviews coming out of Europe on the first leg of their world tour, neither is Living Colour.  Conversely, and anyone who’s met even one member of the band knows, they are absolutely in their rocking prime.  And right now, they are cutting a rock and roll swath across Europe, and on their way to kick our asses in America.  Oh and ps…Stain is 20!!

I’ve thought a lot about what makes a piece of music timeless; relevant 25 years after its birth; prolific even.  In the case of Vivid, I think it’s a lot of things.  For its time, it was ground-breaking.  It turned heads…and ears.  It is solid songwriting; songwriting that still means something today.  It is incredible musicianship that appealed to the masses, no matter what genre of music you were into.  It opened more doors for cross genre collaboration.  Let’s face it, it was fucking cool as shit!   And, you know what?  It’s a little bit of magic too.

Living Colour

Living Colour

And last night (4.5.2013), they tore up Boston’s legendary, Paradise Rock Club to a sold out crowd with it.  I’m sure you are doing the math here and thinking “really”?  But, I attest to the fact that Living Colour roared through a 16 song set plus an encore that included “Time’s Up” and “Love Rears Its Ugly Head”.  ROARED.  Will Calhoun (who was making a hometown appearance of sorts as, at one time, he was a  Berklee student) crushed his drum kit harder than any 20 year old.  The sounds that came from Doug Wimbish’s bass left me thinking “that can’t possibly be a bass he’s playing” – and he did it with a constant, joyous smile.  Vernon Reid can only be described as smooth.  His playing remains deft and he proved he is still one of the best guitar players out there.  And what can I say about Corey Glover?  He’s lost nothing over the years in his vocal ability.  He can still scream and wail and then sing the most beautifully poignant “Amazing Grace”.

Living Colour

Living Colour

Some highlights for me?  “Open Letter to a Landlord” and “Glamour Boys”.  The ferocious drum solo from Calhoun (during which, Doug Wimbish jumped off stage and roamed through the crowd meeting fans and showing love).  Watching and listening to the capacity crowd singing along to all of the favorites on musical display.  And the show-ending crowd chanting “Get On Up”.

If all that wasn’t enough, the band stayed at their meet and greet booth until every single fan had met them, taken pictures, or had items personalized with their autographs.  And, that was a LOT of people!

I’ve spoken with so many who have told me how important Living Colour is to them in terms of what they’ve done with their ground breaking music.  There are many who will say they were one of the greatest bands of the 90’s.  And they proved it Friday night at Paradise.

You can catch Living Colour as they continue their tour at the following dates.  You better get your tickets quickly.  Their shows are consistently selling out as the shows approach.  Seriously.  You really need to see them.

Apr 7 – Met Life Stadium – E. Rutherford, NJ
Apr 11 – Park West – Chicago, IL
Apr 12 – The Magic Bag – Ferndale, MI
Apr 13 – Opera House – Toronto, ON
Apr 18 – The Paramount – Huntington, NY
Apr 19 – 9:30 Club – Washington DC
Apr 20 – FTC Stage One – Fairfield, CT (GET TO THIS SHOW, CT!!)
Apr 21 – The Asylum – Portland, Maine
May 3 – Blue Nile – New Orleans, LA
May 5 – Howlin’ Wolf – New Orleans, LA

Get on up!

Check out my photographs from the show

And here’s the evidence…time has not diminished…Their opening night of the tour in Glasgow…


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