lsg Spot – Almost Spring Fever – May 3 2013

lsg Spot – Almost Spring Fever – May 3 2013

lsg spot
by Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez
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HOT Rewind

Lys Guillorn

Lys Guillorn

Happy May, everyone!  It’s been so lovely in CT over the last week.  It makes my heart happy.  It heralds the season of outdoor music.  Of course, to me, the official start of that season is the Meriden Daffodil Festival held last weekend.  But before I get to that…

LAST WEEK, I TOLD YOU about a cool show that was happening at Spin Cycle Café in Newington.  The challenge was simple:  Write a song about the topic “Spin Cycle”…and they did…and performed them in the name of charity.  Show proceeds went to The Iwo Jima Foundation of NewingtonThe Sawtelles, Lys Guillorn, The Grimm Generation, and The Tonebanks (their first show ever!) each performed a set

The Tonebanks

The Tonebanks

of songs that included their Spin Cycle piece.  For the Sawtelles, they’ve even included their version on their new album, “MOD”, released at Daffodil Festival.  Bonus for the evening?  An unannounced performance by Dave Hogan solo and with The Grimm Generation.  There was a very nice crowd at Spin Cycle (voted best Laundromat by Hartford Advocate readers) and a good time seemed to be had by all.  Even got Tom Pizzola (CTIndie/Verbicide) to crack a smile!

Here are my pictures from that night…

lsg and spiderman

lsg and spiderman

MUSIC!  FOOD!  MUSIC!  BUBBLES!  MUSIC!  FRIENDS & SUNSHINE…You get it!  The 2013 edition of the Meriden Daffodil was truly…magical!  The pictures tell the story (below) but some highlights for me were:

*Note:  The acts below are bands I have never had the pleasure of seeing before.  There were so very many amazing bands that I’ve known and loved for so long, I’d have to write about every band on the bill!  Please know that I thought your sets were terrific and was really glad to see the number of folks that had the opportunity to see your work!!


First and foremost, the level of band support was incredible.  From fans.  From other musicians.  It was really great to see bands who played one day and then came back to watch and support the next or vice versa.  There were even musicians who didn’t play at all and came out to support.  It was…fab.  We have an amazing local music scene in CT.




CHILDREN’S PERFORMERS – There were 3 different acts this year devoted to children.  Chris Bousquet, Rob Messore, and Steve’s Songs (PBS) all captivated children and adults alike on Sunday morning.  Most memorable, however, was the scene I came upon when Steve’s Songs hit the stage.  There was a sea of children dancing and singing in front of the stage and beyond.  And when Steve asked them what they thought a bubble would look like if they were one, they twirled and danced.  He launched into a song called – you guessed it!  Bubbles! – and the most glorious thing happened.  In the field, in the bright sunshine, two bubble machines blew thousands of bubbles into the air!  And the children and their parents (along with THIS big kid!) danced among them.  It was absolutely joyful.  Brilliant move on Rob DeRosa’s part.


Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem

RANI ARBO & DAISY MAYHEM – They were the act that I most eagerly anticipated seeing.  I had the opportunity to speak with Anand Nayak, guitarist and singer, prior to their set and told him I thought they were going to be the band to see.  He wondered about my bar setting prior to the performance.  They absolutely did not disappoint in anyway.  If you have a chance, check them out.  It’s gospel, it’s bluegrass, it’s pure amazing.  And PS…Anand did double duty when he also performed with Steve’s Songs.


Poor Old Shine

Poor Old Shine

POOR OLD SHINE – Winners of the New England Music Awards Best of CT award, they are pure sunshine to the ears.  A 5 piece Roots/Americana band from Storrs, they have the most beautiful harmonies.  Not only are they great to listen to, they are equally fun to watch with instruments like banjo, washboard, and mandolin.  I picked up a copy of their CD “Live at Infinity” (encased in hand-made origami) and was blown away.  Stay tuned for our CD review.


HOSTAGE CALM – I knew they were a punk band or as they call it Punk/Punk/Punk/Punk/Punk.  What I didn’t know was that they have a huge following and needed a line of security in front of the Bandshell Stage to perform (something I’ve never seen at Daffy)!  This was not a bad thing.  It was to keep the crowd from completely surging onto the stage.  The band came out bombastic and just kicked the shit out of the park.  They’re fans can sing their lyrics – and did so, while crowd surfing – and the band welcomed all of it.  I really enjoyed watching the interaction.  Actually, enjoyed doesn’t really do it.  I was riveted.  Yeah.

There really were so many special moments this year.  Rob DeRosa and all of the folks it takes to pull this off every year deserve a HUGE congrats for this one.  It truly was an amazing few days in the park.  I cannot wait to do it again next year!

Day One

Day Two


666 DAYS OF METAL RADIO, hosted by Chip McCabe, premiers on CYGNUS RADIO this Friday May 3 at 8:00 pm.  If you aren’t out and about at a venue, this should be your soundtrack!  Listen here at


RE:CREATE CT is happening this Saturday.  The festivities start at 10:00 am.  Here is the schedule!


RUSTIC OVERTONES, WINNERS of the New England Music Award for “Best Live Act” will be at Sully’s in Hartford on Saturday (5/4).  Sully’s is really stepping up their game with the quality of bands and performers coming in to play.  You should take tomorrow night to go and see an award-winning band as well as what Sully’s is all about!


The first comes from Waking Elliot, a band I’ve loved since their last release.  This time, they offer up “Weak Minded Like Me.”  I’ve heard it.  It’s awesome.  Buy it (download)!

The second comes from a band out of New Haven called Beijing.  I have heard this record as well and, I have to tell you, there are quite a few songs on here rock radio ready.  I have a conversation with Thom Smith I’ll be posting in the next couple of days but check them out here and buy their music as well!!


IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INDIE NIGHT this week…perhaps when you weren’t looking…THIS was announced:

Indie Fest @ The Oak…July 13th, 4pm – midnight…FREE

Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford …FREE.

With music from:  String Theorie, Modern Merchant, Laura Ganci and American Echoes, Jennifer Hill & Co., Farewood, Breakthrough Frequencies, 1974, and Post-Modern Panic!  For more info…Stay tuned here…


BECAUSE SWANS RULE…Sarah E (Hells Bells Productions) has a Indiegogo campaign going on so that she can film one of her “Women of the Day” productions on-site in Georgetown.  The piece will be called “Jane, Lyd, and the Exorcist Stairs” and is part of her on-going series.  Please help if you can.


As always, occupy a venue and get out there and support local!!

Peace, lsg


HOT local video of the week…Out the Boxx


I’d heard of Out the Boxx previously from friends in the Hartford area.  On Wednesday, I literally met a member while sitting in traffic court, of all places!  We got to talking as we awaited our respective fates and realized what we had in common…aside from the obvious.  I told him that I would feature one of their videos today.  So, here’s to you and Damn the Man!!



What’s Playing in “The Flounce”? The Sawtelles
(Music in my car CD player this week!)
Band: The Sawtelles
Album: MOD
Genre:  Nerve Rock
Fave Track:  Already Gone



What’s HOT this week…

Friday May 3



Saturday May 4

Lots more…


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