Little Ugly – Where the River’s Born

Little Ugly – Where the River’s Born

Little Ugly Daffodil Festival

Little Ugly at the 2013 Daffodil Festival

Record Review, July 2013
By Tamyra DavisLittle Ugly is Michael Day – Vocals/Guitar/Ukulele/Banjo, Nick Dickinson – Drums/Percussion, and  Kaia Pazdersky – Vocals/Violin/Piano

Well, it’s a scorcher out there this summer and I hope you all are keeping cool.  Let me tell ya this, my next review is about a band that is doing anything but cooling down as they are truly just heating up.

Little Ugly’s latest gift to the world is “Where the River’s Born”; an EP that is surely going to make you yearn for more from this band who calls Hartford home.  They are no secret to those “in the know” in the New England. They have been honored by the Hartford Advocate as the Best Rock Band of 2011 and Hartford Magazine awarded them the best Musician/Band in 2012.  Listen to “Where the River’s Born” and you will know why.

This 5 song EP gets a whole lot done in just about 24 minutes.  And since there are only 5 songs, I am going to give you my thoughts tune by tune. ENJOY!

Named After Saints – Oh Mumford and Sons, you are going to be really pissed that you didn’t write this one. Michael Day’s flawless vocals and heartfelt lyrics are effortlessly expressed and complimented by the multi-talented Kaia Pazersky on harmony.

Til the Earth Stops Shaking - Kaia Pazersky is featured on this powerful piece that has one of my favorite lyrics ever “We have arrived at our greatest fears”.

And We Said – …Is a sad tale of lost love. “Your suitcase packed, my heart broken”.  And We Said is melodic, beautiful and sounds like they have a 10 piece orchestra backing them up. The production is amazing and the song is hauntingly beautiful.

Promise of a Storm - most definitely my favorite tune. When I first heard it, I was reminded of one of my favorite bands out of Australia, Silverchair.  Promise of a Storm could easily have been featured on the Neon Ballroom album.  The coolest thing about this is that when I write a review, I don’t read the band bio, except to get names and location. I don’t read reviews and I don’t watch videos. I want the experience to be solely about what I am hearing and not influenced in any way.  Now that I am done, I went to their page and found out that Silverchair is one of their influences and it’s apparent in only the awesomest of ways.

Last, but not least, we have:

Oh Return - This is all Kaia; all the time.  Oh Return is a soulful ballad and Kaia channels a little Norah Jones on this one.  She pours her whole heart out through her vocals;  giving us all she has and making us yearn for more.

Little Ugly may be the name of this eclectic group of souls but their music is absolutely beautiful.

You can see them live this Saturday, July 20th for their CD Release Party at Arch Street in Hartford or check them out at a show near you by going to

You can purchase Where the River’s Born here, too, via


That’s it from me. Until next time…

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Tamyra Davis

A singer in her own right, Tamyra Davis has been performing with local bands and as a solo act for 20 years after graduating from the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. She was chosen to perform for Hartford’s hands across America program and was approached by the Rev. Jesse Jackson backstage who proclaimed “Girl you have pipes”.

Tam has been singing since the ripe old age of 5 years old when her mother caught her doing an entire performance of the Captain and Tenille’s version of “You better shop around” in the front seat of her Cadillac. Born and raised in Southington, CT Tamyra was fortunate to grow up in a house full of music and studied voice through private lessons and master classes. Her appreciation for the “art” of music is what brought her to LBR and we are pleased to have her on board.

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