Continuum – Rise and Fall

Continuum – Rise and Fall


Continuum “Rise and Fall”

Ear One Recording Studio, New Haven CT
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By Tamyra Davis

Well hello, my pretties. It’s me, your CD Review Maven. Sorry it’s been awhile. I have been doing some of my own music related activities lately to help some great causes and had to take a break, but I’m back – and back with a vengeance.

First up, we have another, in the words of Bill and Ted “most excellent” album to review. “Rise and Fall” from Continuum. I must preface this review with the fact that I don’t know much about the metal scene, but I am learning. Like I say in all my reviews, you don’t have to love a certain genre to appreciate when something is good. Boys and girls this is better than good. It’s outf*cking standing!  How could it not be? The background of these 5 metal giants is pretty impressive.

Continuum is made up of Brenda St. Amant on vocals; Bryan Reilly, lead guitar; Jason Niezgorski, lead guitar; Tony Mica, Bass; and Darrin Yardley on drums. They are former members of some pretty heavy hitters in the CT Metal Scene (Tyran Trooper, Slumlord, Lost Soul, Fogg, & Distorted Aggression).

“Waters Rising” is the first cut off this album and it shoots out of the gate hard and heavy.  And for any of you non believers who think a woman can’t growl with the best of them, I challenge you to go up against Brenda St. Amant! When I first heard her vocals I had to check the album cover again just to make sure I read it right. Yup, it’s a female giving us the brutal guttural screams from the depths of her soul.  But, she isn’t just a growler and that is made clear when you hear the “softer side” of her on “Reckoning”. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s about as soft as a bed of nails, but you get my meaning.

The transitions each tune takes within its four plus minutes show the rage, the pain, and the anger without a word being said.

Bryan and Jason are brutal. I wonder if their finger tips look something like a bit of raw meat when they are through and Tony and Darrin round out the wall of sound that engulfs you.

“Rise and Fall” is the last track on the album and, of course, the title of the album itself.  And just because it’s last it doesn’t go out with a whisper. It’s my favorite tune on the album by far.

Listen to it here —à

At the time of this blog, Continuum is back at it, writing for their next release. So stay tuned for more from this powerhouse of pain.

If metal is where your cold black heart lives, then you would be crazy not to add this beast to your collection. It’s insane and will literally blow your mind.  See them live, get in the pit and watch the carnage ensue. You won’t be disappointed.

Continuum can be found devouring your favorite local metal venues throughout Connecticut. Check them out their website at


Tamyra Davis

A singer in her own right, Tamyra Davis has been performing with local bands and as a solo act for 20 years after graduating from the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts. She was chosen to perform for Hartford’s hands across America program and was approached by the Rev. Jesse Jackson backstage who proclaimed “Girl you have pipes”.

Tam has been singing since the ripe old age of 5 years old when her mother caught her doing an entire performance of the Captain and Tenille’s version of “You better shop around” in the front seat of her Cadillac. Born and raised in Southington, CT Tamyra was fortunate to grow up in a house full of music and studied voice through private lessons and master classes. Her appreciation for the “art” of music is what brought her to LBR and we are pleased to have her on board.

Tamyra lives in Berlin, CT with her boyfriend, a drummer and master vinyl collector and two dogs. She has a 16 year old son who is a blogger himself on all things sports. Tam serves on the Board of Directors for Bikers Against Animal Cruelty who help abused and neglected animals and she is happily jamming with some of her favorite bands while doing occasional reunion shows with UnCovered , the band she fronted until she decides on her next adventure.

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