Anne’s Shore & More #110 – Sept 19 2013

Anne’s Shore & More #110 – Sept 19 2013


New London has only one show that I know of this weekend (although new ones always seem to be  added at the last minute). Even so, most of the live music action will take place out of town this weekend. With nothing happening locally on Friday night, your best bet is to head to sister city New Haven, where the Grand Band Slam ( will be taking place at three different clubs: Cafe Nine, Stella Blues, and Anna Liffey’s. I don’t know my way around New Haven that well, but on a map, Cafe Nine and Anna Liffey’s are about 7-1/2 blocks apart., and Stella Blues is only a few blocks away from Cafe Nine. Theoretically, you could wear comfortable shoes and go to more than one. The show at Anna Liffey’s starts early (6 pm), so it’s possible to go see a few bands there (Kate Callahan,Little Ugly, and John Fries) before the music starts at the other clubs. Anna Liffey’s has two New London bands in the lineup, Daphne Lee Martin ( and the John Fries Band ( The latest lineup of the John Fries Band has an all-female rhythm section, now that new drummer Hillyn Natter has replaced Mike Crivellone. Hillyn played her first show with the band on Friday, and Mike played his last show with them on Saturday. Here is the club-by-club Grand Band Slam lineup with set times for Friday night:

Anna Liffey’s
Daphne Lee Martin – 12:15
Jennifer Hill & Co.- 11:00
Fatgrip – 9:45
John Fries – 8:30
Little Ugly – 7:15
Kate Callahan – 6:00

Stella Blues
Political Animals – 1:00
Sister Funk – 12:00
Mr. Council – 11:00
Al Ferrante Band – 10:00

Cafe Nine
Head With Wings – 11:45
Violent Mae – 11:00
Post Modern Panic – 10:15
Isaac Young Quartet – 9:30

On Saturday night, the Grand Band Slam moves to Hartford, with shows taking place in seven different venues. New London’s Bedroom Rehab Corporation (, Hempsteadys (, and Camacho ( will all be playing in Hartford.

Here’s the schedule for Saturday evening:

Arch Street Tavern
1974 – 12:00
The Morning On Fire – 11:15
Paper Hill Casket Company – 10:30
Jose Oyola & The Astronauts – 9:45
Michael Cleary Band – 9:00

Black-Eyed Sally’s
Goodnight Blue Moon – 11:00
Brandt Taylor Band – 10:15
The Elligers Brothers – 9:30
Howard Zinno Jazz Quintet – 8:45

Black Bear Saloon
Tracy Walton – 8:15
John Mayock & The Homesteaders – 7:15

Charter Oak Cultural Center
Project 7 – 11:00
The Lost Riots – 10:15
Bloodshot Hooligans – 9:30
Nightbitch – 8:45
Bedroom Rehab Corporation – 8:00

Firebox Restaurant
Frank Varela & Upstream – 8:00
String Theorie – 7:00

Aetna Theater @ The Wadsworth
Fight The Fear – 10:45
The Hempsteadys – 10:00
Ponybird – 9:15
Mobjack – 8:30

Sully’s Pub
(As Part of Wimbash 2013)
Klokwize – 7:25
Joey Batts & Them – 6:40
Camacho – 5:55

Bands performing are all finalists in the Hartford Advocate’s 2013 CT Music Awards. The awards ceremony was held this past Tuesday evening at the Bushnell in Hartford. Congratulations to all the nominees, and a big thank you to the Advocate for taking local music so seriously and for helping to get these fine Connecticut bands the audience they deserve.

If you are reading this blog on Thursday, there are also a couple of Grand Band Slam shows on Thursday night in New London, at the Telegraph and the Oasis Pub. Here are the details:

The Telegraph
James Maple – 8:30
Milksop:Unsung – 7:30

The Oasis Pub
Farewood – 11:00
Space Orphans – 10:00

The only show that I know about in New London this weekend will be at the Hygienic Art Park, where the Portland Cello Project ( and Jolie Holland ( will perform on Saturday night. Jolie Holland and her band will open the show, and she will also join Portland Cello Project during their set to play songs from Beck’s recently released “Song Reader” album of sheet music. Portland Cello Project’s lineup ranges anywhere from 4 to 12 cellos, with the occasional addition of full choirs, brass, and wind sections. Their mission is to play music on the cello that you wouldn’t normally hear on that instrument, to play the cello in places you wouldn’t usually hear the instrument , and to form bridges between different musical communities by collaborating with diverse groups of musicians. They cover pop, hip-hop, indie rock, classical, metal, and any other genre you can think of, and they are the hottest thing in Portland right now. They’ve been doing this since 2007 and have built a repertoire of over 800 songs, so you never know what you might hear. All ages are welcome. Beer, wine, and other refreshments will be sold. Tickets are $10 and the show starts at 8 pm.

Here is the Portland Cello Project with Pantera’s “Mouth For War”:


Thur 9/19/13  – Steve Broderick & the 100 Watt Suns at the Hygienic Art Park in New London 12:00 noon NO COVER

- Farewood, Space Orphans at the Oasis Pub in New London

- James Maple, Milksop:Unsung at the Telegraph in New London

- JC Hatfield at Sneekers Cafe in Groton 7-10 pm NO COVER

- Kings and Liars, Mind Over Master, Feed the Pigs at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- The Waterboys at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston

Fri 9/20/13     – Tom Hearn at Cafe Nine in New Haven 5-7:30 pm NO COVER

- Head With Wings, Violent Mae, Post Modern Panic, Isaac Young Quartet at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9:30 pm

- Shakedown, the Weird Beards at Toad’s Place in New Haven 8:30 pm

- Daphne Lee Martin, Jennifer Hill & Co., Fatgrip, Little Ugly, John Fries, Kate Callahan at Anna Liffey’s in New Haven 6 pm

- Political Animals, Sister Funk, Mr. Council, Al Ferrante Band at Stella Blues in New Haven 10 pm

- The Mallett Brothers Band, Roosevelt Dime at Arch Street Tavern in Hartford 9 pm

- The Lost Riots, Malcolm Tent, Two Man Advantage, Croquettes at Two Boots in Bridgeport 9:30 pm

- The Waterboys at the Calvin Theater in Northampton 8 pm

Sat 9/21/13     – The Portland Cello Project w/ Jolie Holland at the Hygienic Art Park in New London 7 pm

- Sue Menhart Band at Olde Mistick Village in Mystic 4 pm (Garlic Festival)

- The Fourth Annual Solar-Powered Local Music Tribal Summit at the Sanctuary (59 Bogel Road) in East Haddam $15 (kids under 12 free) Rain or Shine:

10 AM Jazz Jam Brunch
12 PM Ernest Song Project
1 PM Someone You Can Xray
2 PM Womb of the Desert Sun
3 PM Bokum Road
4 PM Carl Suiter
5 PM Jen Taylor
6 PM The Weird Beards
7 PM Sonic Nation
8 PM Off the Dome
9 PM The Lichter Bros.
10 PM Cosmos Sunshine

- The Waterboys at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven

- Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Lost Riots, Nightbitch, Bloodshot Hooligans, Project 7 at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford (’s Grand Band Slam) 8 pm


Sun 9/22/13    – Handgrenade Serenade, the Hulls, the Deacons, Bragging Rights at the

El ‘n’ Gee in New London 7 pm

Mon 9/23/13   – Robbie Fulks, Joe Flood at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm

Tues 9/24/13   – Jon Dee Graham, Mike June at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm

- Robbie Fulks at the Iron Horse in Northampton 7 pm

Wed 9/25/13   – Wess Meets West, Beijing at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- The Beets, Hippy, Estrogen Highs at BAR in New Haven 9 pm

- John Fries Band at the Hartford Library 12 noon

Thur 9/26/13  – Sandman and Mike at Sneekers Cafe in Groton 7-10 pm NO COVER

- Vince Thompson and friends at Steak Loft in Mystic 7-10 pm NO COVER

- The BoDeans at the Kate in Old Saybrook 7:30 pm

- Goat of Arms, Florida=Death, Sports Fortress, Spreaders at Willimantic Records in Willimantic 7 pm

- Bill Kirchen at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm

Fri 9/27/13     – Hoot for Hunger at Dickson’s Tavern in New London 6:30 pm

6:45 Arlene Wow!

7:00 The Crew

7:15 Jim and Hugh from Dogbite

7:28 Woody

7:41 Pat Daddona

7:55 Kay and Bill Pere

8:08 Harper and Owens

8:20 Baird Welch-Collins

8:33 Ed Ekendu

8:45 Patrick Kirker

9:00 Bruce McDermott

9:15 Vince Tuckwood

9:30 Dennis Walley

9:45 “Vox Nova” Lorain, Scott, & Craig

- Girls Guns and Glory, John Fries Band at the Rose Barn Theater at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford 7 pm

- Sue Menhart Band at Burke’s Tavern in Niantic 8 pm

- Scott H. Biram, Black Pistol Fire, Dave Hill at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm

- The Clams, Commercial Interruption, Socially Starved, Aotearoa at Two Boots in Bridgeport 8 pm

Sat 9/28/13     – John Fries at the Daniel Packer Inne in Mystic 9:30 pm

- Vince Thompson and friends at Dock & Dine in Old Saybrook 8 pm

- Soul Asylum at the Wolf Den in Uncasville 8 pm

- String Band. Mountains of the Moon, Knot the Band at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- The Feelies at the Spaceland Ballroom in Hamden 9 pm

- Blitzen Trapper, PHOX at Arch Street Tavern in Hartford 9 pm

Sun 9/29/13    – Said the Whale at Arch Street Tavern in Hartford 8 pm

- Richard Thompson at the Calvin Theater in Northampton 8 pm

Anne Castellano is a New London, CT songwriter and guitarist who fronts her own original band, Anne Castellano and the Smoke. She has also played in several other bands over the years (the Uninformed, the Skin Walkers, and the Cavities) and spent several years performing as a solo artist.

In 2010 she released a full-length self-produced CD entitled “What’s Been Going On”. Anne also collaborated with Hugh Birdsall (Dogbite, the Reducers) on an EP called “In the Dark”, released in 2012 under the name SheSaidHeSaid. She is a 30-year veteran of college radio, and is currently doing the Deranged Radio Show on alternate Tuesday evenings from 6-9 pm at WCNI 90.9 FM in New London.

She grew up in New Fairfield, CT in a musical family, with a father who played guitar and listened to country artists such as Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, and a mother who loved Elvis Presley. Involvement in band and chorus in high school led to membership in the UCONN Marching Band and a two-week tour of Europe performing with the band in the early 1980s.

Anne moved to New London in 1987 because of the vibrant local music scene there. She began putting together her weekly concert calendar in 2005, to get the word out about all the local band shows that were taking place in the area. She enjoys books, animals, hiking, and the beach, and sees as much live music as her “day job” schedule permits.


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