Fatgrip – WAKE UP! – CD Review

Fatgrip – WAKE UP! – CD Review

Fatgrip - WAKE UP!

Fatgrip - WAKE UP!

Fatgrip – WAKE UP! – CD Review

I normally don’t do CD Reviews but since Tam is overwhelmed and their CD Release Party is tomorrow I thought I’d take a stab at it. So I managed to fix my CD player in the car which has had the same CD stuck in it for at least 6 months.  When I moved my CD player to the new car I physically couldn’t get the CD out, but with a little persuasion with a screw driver and a hammer we are back in business.I’ve know the guys from Fatgrip since I started LBR over 4 years ago now, in fact they were one of the first bands I filmed at an Open Mic at The Red Door. While most Connecticut based Indie bands seem to be heading off in very different directions Fatgrip keeps it down to earth simple with straight guitar laden Rock n Roll.

As I mentioned their CD Release Party is this weekend November 2nd at The Zen Bar in Plainville, I am told it’s going to be really special. As usual my crazy schedule is playing against me so please go in my place and check them out. Fatgrip also plays some great covers and is able to seamlessly blend their own music into a set while keeping the unsuspecting audience dancing.

Their new album WAKE UP! lives up to its name and has a nice flow to it, starting with the first track which is surprisingly called WAKE UP!. “WAKE UP!” starts with an alarm clock ringing and has a slightly Rockabilly feel to it.  This is a great song to listen to on a long commute in the morning, actually the whole album is.  “WAKE UP!” sets the tone and continues through the next two songs “You Really Want It All” and “I’ll Never Be” which are just straight Rock n Roll. The next track called “Best Part of Me” is probably one of my favorite tracks and highlights Jimmy Sixx’s vocal range with a more modern Rock sound. Track 5 “No Consequence” places us at the middle of the album were we take a bit of a break with a slow ballad. “Dirty Looks” is another Rock song that Fatgrip could easily slip into a cover set and nobody would notice.  OK you always need a song about a girl and this one is named “Shelly” and it is followed by two more tracks “The One and Only” and “Book of Love”.

Probably the song with the best instrumentals and complexity “Leave the Light On” is what is supposed to be the last song on the album. Except it’s not the last song on the album, Fatgrip added another one that isn’t mentioned on the cover or the CD, and you’ll just have to buy the album to find out what it is…


  1. WAKE UP!
  2. You Really Want it All
  3. I’ll Never Be
  4. Best Part of Me
  5. No Consequence
  6. Dirty Looks
  7. Shelly
  8. The One and Only
  9. Book of Love
  10. Leave The Light On
  11. ??????

Find Fatgrip on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/Fatgrip

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