lsg spot – Send in The Clones

lsg spot – Send in The Clones

lsg spot
by Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez
Twitter at @lsgoriginal01.10.2014

HOT Rewind



We’re only into the 2nd week of January and I am already wishing to be 5 people, at least.  There’s so much happening and I want to be in too many places at once.  Damn you, CT!  Honestly, it’s a great thing.

THERE ARE ONLY 4 days left to vote for my picture in the Relix Magazine contest I’ve talked about the last week.  Please vote for my Dave Matthews picture.  It would mean a lot to me to win.

AND SPEAKING OF VOTING…Please spare a moment of your time to vote for CT musicians for the New England Music Awards (NEMA).  This is a prestigious event for NE musicians and we’d like to help them along as best we can.  I put together a “cheat sheet” just to make it easier for you to find them.  Voting ends JANUARY 31 so please get in there!

LBR “Cheat Sheet” ———–à




AND IN MORE BIG NEWS, SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day CT 2014 has announced the musical line up for the April 5 show at Illusions Night Club in Wolcott, CT. For those of you not familiar with SWAN, it is an annual event celebrating women in the arts all around the world.  This particular show has, not only music, but art, crafts, photographs, and even food!  All created by female artisans.  Here are the bands.  It’s a fantastic group.  Please support this important event by attending!

Sarah Lemieux

Post-Modern Panic

The Dress-Ups



Dancy the Band

Nicki Mathis

Jennifer Hill & Company

Dina Bass

The Royal Din

Sarah Barrios

Them Damn Hamiltons


You can purchase your tickets now at ———-à

Here’s our quick announcement ———–à




I FINALLY HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to check out a band I have been dying to see for some time now, Branchwater.  I called their album “When The World Seems Cold” one of my favorites this year; with good reason.  I really wanted to see if they could pull off live.  And they did, exceeding whatever expectations I had.  They drew a great crowd on a Friday night at The Outer Space in Hamden despite sub zero temps.  I froze my ass off getting there and back, but it was so worth it!  Each member of the band is a very skilled musician in their own right but when you put them together, it’s magic.  Steve at the Outer Space made a very smart choice in bringing them in.  Check out their album and see why I think they are the most talented band that very few know about.  My guess is they’ll hit you hard this coming Spring/Summer with shows!


See our full list of favorite 2013 albums here  ———-à


I’M GOING TO FINALLY HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to do something I’ve wanted to for a very long time today.  I am spending part of my day at Dirt Floor Studios in Chester checking out – and photographing – Tracy Walton – NEMA candidate (see above) for “Male Performer of the Year” – as he records his new album.  So many bands have recorded at Dirt Floor and the studio is filled with amazing instruments and recording equipment.  I’ve seen so many pictures from sessions there and am so excited to be able to be there as Tracy is recording.  Pix and interview coming soon!


As always, occupy a venue and get out there and support local!!

Peace, lsg


“Spot”light on… Will Return in 2014…Really.  It will.

lsg’s Featured Event…RADIO 104 FM’S WINTER WONDER JAM

When:  January 10, 2014
Where:  Club Reserve, Meriden
Time: 8:00 pm


Starting this Friday, Club Reserve will be presenting live, local bands in conjunction with Radio 104 and hosted by Amy Grey.  10 bucks in advance; 12 DOS.  Check out this week’s line up then get out and support local CT music!


Post-Modern Panic


Rusty Things



HOT local video of the week…Tracy Walton


Since I’m going to spend a bit of time watching this gentleman recording his next album, let’s have a look at his latest video from “If I Ever Get Away”.

What’s Playing in “The Flounce”?  Kerri Powers
(Music in my car CD player this week!)            

Band: Kerri Powers
Album: Kerri Powers
Genre:  American Roots and Soul
Fave Track:  Train in the Night


What’s HOT this week


Friday, January 10

Buzz Gordo’s Ski Lodge, Café 9, New Haven – 5:00 pm

Songwriters in the Round feat Jen Lowe and Tracy Walton, J. Rene Coffee Roasters, West Hartford – 7:00 pm


Great Blue, Two Boots, Bridgeport – 7:00 pm

Music is Kind feat. Traveling Fools, Jen Durkin, plus more, Edmond Town Hall, Newton – 7:00 pm

The Alchemystics and Political Animals, Main Pub, Manchester – 8:00 pm

The Savage Brothers, Swingin Parrot Pub, Winstead – 8:30 pm

Mack Jovin, Zaubi, Pirahnas in Your Hottub, Anna Liffey’s, New Haven – 9:00 pm

Inside/Out, Anthony D’s, Milford – 9:00 pm

Ben Kogan Band w Lady Elizabeth & Snootycoustic, Stella Blue, New Haven – 9:00 pm

James and the Untold Richs, Catsup & Mustard, Manchester – 10:00 pm


Saturday, January 11

Murdervan, The Vultures, Horns of Ormus, Anna Liffey’s, New Haven – All day

Driven, Matty’s Next Door, Middletown – 8:30 pm


Bobby Paltauf, Two Boots, Bridgeport – 9:00 pm

The Degenerates, Zen Bar, Plainville – 9:00 pm

The Furors!  The Ivory Bills!, Huntington Street Café, Shelton – 9:00 pm

Pulse, Blackstone Irish Pub, Plantsville – 9:00 pm

Maxx Explosion, Allstars Rock Café, Manchester – 9:30 pm

The Marks Brothers, The Austrian Donau Club, New Britain – 9:30 pm

The Alpha Males, Tiernans Bar, Stamford – 10:00 pm


Wednesday, January 15

Black Taxi, Violent Mae, BAR, New Haven – 9:00 pm

Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez – lsg Original

Lover of music and the visual arts, Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez is the insanity behind lsg original photography. lsg specializes in artist and performer photography. She’s had the honor of photographing national bands such as Weezer, Snoop Dogg, A Simple Plan, Paramore, Whitesnake, Wye Oak, and The Antlers along with countless local bands and performers.

Hailing from Hartford, CT, Lisa is a life- long music connoisseur. Growing up, her mother exposed her to everything from The Stones to Simon and Garfunkel to Earth, Wind, and Fire to Loretta Lynn…and everything in between. No genre was left unexplored in her vinyl collection. She saw her first concert at 14…Rod Stewart at the (then called) Hartford Civic Center. Thirty years later, it’s still her favorite pastime.

Lisa has two kids (grown!) and a day job. Her loves of music and photography have melded into a second career. And her love of CT keeps her promoting and pushing for local artists and performers. Lisa spends the greater part of her free time seeing and shooting live bands, performers, and artists and art work…and purchasing vinyl!

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