Anne’s Shore & More #139 – April 25 2014

Anne’s Shore & More #139 – April 25 2014



Anne Castellano

Anne Castellano

This is a big weekend for New London’s Paul Brockett Roadshow ( They will be releasing a six song EP called “Up All Night”, and they will also be playing three shows this weekend to celebrate. “Up All Night” was recorded and mixed by Jason Banta, of
Recur Occurrence and Burnouts From Outer Space fame. The first show already happened, on Thursday at noon when the trio played at the Telegraph for the Day’s Live Lunch Break. If you missed it, the video should be posted on the Day’s website very soon. You can go to, which is where all the Live Lunch Break shows are archived, and watch the show there. On Saturday, the band will be appearing at the Daffodil Festival in Meriden. If you’ve never been to the Daffodil Festival, it’s a great FREE two day event featuring Connecticut-connected bands that takes place at Hubbard Park in Meriden every year on the last weekend in April. There will be three stages with live music, and the Paul Brockett Roadshow will play on the Food Tent Stage at 11:45 am. If you’re going, you will want to get there early to beat the traffic. General information including directions and information on shuttle buses is available at On Saturday night, the official Paul Brockett Roadshow CD release will take place at 33 Golden Street in New London. Special guests will be the Hornets (, from Mansfield, MA. The Hornets played at the Telegraph as part of last Saturday’s Record Store Day festivities, and they blew the crowd away. The band is a three-piece, with drums, upright bass, and piano accordion. You have probably never heard accordion played like this before, though, electrified with lots of effects pedals. Whatever you expect from these guys, you will probably be surprised and impressed. If I had to describe their music, it’s a mix of Eastern European traditional and dance tunes, country, rock, and psychedelia. There are no vocals, but you won’t even miss them. The show starts at 9:30 pm and cover is $5.

There are some other bands playing this weekend in New London as well. On Friday night at 33 Golden Street, you can see Sonic Supercharger 66, the McGunks, the Deacons, and Slim Francis. Brooklyn’s Slim Francis ( opens the show with a set of blues/punk at 9:30, followed by Brooklyn/CT street punks the Deacons ( and Providence drunk-punks the McGunks (’s just no way to do that without the rhyming, sorry). Sonic Supercharger 66 (, from Stamford, will play last. The band features former members of Seizure, Midnightmares, Bad Attitude, and Elvis McMan, and they play a mix of 60′s garage, power pop, and punk.  Doors open at 9 pm and cover is $5.

On Saturday, there is a punk show at the Telegraph with Powerblessings ( and the Lost Riots ( This will be Powerblessings’ final Connecticut show. The band is from Northampton, and after this they will have one more show in Western MA and possibly a show in NYC. They recently released an 11 track album called “Quick Guide to Heart Attacks”, which can be streamed online at The Lost Riots are now regular visitors to New London, and it’s always great to have them back. They are from New Haven, but they seem to like our scene a lot, which works out well for everyone. And how many bands do you know that take guitar lessons from Richard Lloyd? It’s true, just ask lead guitarist Sean Beirne. The show is free and open to all ages, and it starts at 7 pm. BYOB if you wish.



Fri 4/25/14      – Sonic Supercharger 66, the McGunks, the Deacons, Slim Francis at 33 Golden Street in New London 9 pm

- Hugh Birdsall, Arlene Wow, Dana Takaki at Buttonwood Tree in Middletown 8 pm (Songwriter’s Circle)

- Blessed & Gifted, the Mushroom Cloud at Strange Brew in Norwich

- Gary Heriot at Cafe Nine in New Haven 5-7:30 pm NO COVER

- Rizzo’s Dilemma, Dirty Sanchez, Off the Dome at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- Math the Band, Mission Zero, Excitement Gang at the Outer Space in Hamden 8 pm

- Blessing Offor, Jeff Butcher, Sean McNamara at the Space in Hamden 8:30 pm


Sat 4/26/14      – Paul Brockett Roadshow, the Hornets at 33 Golden Street in New London (CD Release) 9:30 pm

- Powerblessings, the Lost Riots at the Telegraph in New London 7 pm

- Steve Broderick & the 100 Watt Suns at the Dogwatch Cafe in  Stonington (acoustic show)

- Dr. Martino, Future Punx, Kid/Astro, Koby Teeth, Furnss at Willimantic Records in Willimantic 3 pm

- The Split Squad, the Six-Pack Dutchmen at Cafe Nine in New Haven 10 pm

- Daffodil Festival in Meriden


                                    THE JEFF CROOMS WELCOME STAGE

                                                10:30-11:15- The Foresters

                                                11:45-12:30- Mercy Choir

                                                1:00-1:45 – Violent Mae

                                                2:15-3:00 – Happy Ending

                                                3:30- 4:15- Amy Lynn & The Gunshow

                                                4:45-5:30- Grand Cousin

                                                6:00- 6:45- The Backyard Committee

                                                7:30-8:30 – Mark Mulcahy


                                    THE BANDSHELL STAGE

                                                12:45-1:30- Jennifer Hill & Company

                                                2:00-2:45- The Big Fat Combo

                                                3:15- 4:00- The Manchurians

                                                4:30- 5:15- Pocket Vinyl

                                                5:45- 6:30- Fight The Fear

                                                7:00-7:45 Boxxcutter


                                    THE FOOD TENT STAGE

                                                10:10-11:00- Chico & Friends

                                                11:45- 12:30- The Paul Brockett Roadshow Band

                                                1:00-2:00-The Gonkus Brothers

                                                2:30-3:30 -River City Slim & The Zydeco Hogs

                                                4:00-5:00 – Tracy Walton Band

                                                5:30-6:30- The Lonesome Sparrows

                                                7:00-8:00 Greg Sherrod


Sun 4/27/14    – Steve Broderick & the 100 Watt Suns at the Boathouse in Mystic 2-5 pm

- Peter Bradley Adams, P.J. Pacifico at the Spaceland Ballroom in Hamden 7:30 pm

- Vows, Animorous, Ace Reporter, The Other Bones, Psychoala at the Space in Hamden 7 pm

- Daffodil Festival in Meriden


                                    THE JEFF CROOMS WELCOME STAGE

                                                10:30-11:15 The Stray Dogs

                                                11:45- 12:30- Lys Guillorn and Her Band

                                                1:00-2:00 Steve Elci & Friends- kid’s show!

                                                2:30-3:15 Goodnight Blue Moon

                                                3:45- 4:30- The Mighty Soul Drivers


                                    THE BANDSHELL STAGE

                                                12:30- 1:15- All Riot

                                                1:45- 2:30 – Coconuts

                                                3:00-3:45- Farewood

                                                4:15- 5:00- 691


                                    THE FOOD TENT STAGE

                                                10:00-11:00- Oh, Cassius

                                                11:30-12:30- Them Damn Hamiltons

                                                1:00-2:00 The Summer Edeen Band

                                                2:30-3:30 -Bird ‘n Boys

                                                4:00- 5:00- Kelley & Sean


Mon 4/28/14   – Woody Pines, An Historic at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm


Tues 4/29/14   – Crunk Witch, If Jesus Had Machine Guns at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- Stacy Phillips and His Bluegrass Characters at the Outer Space in Hamden 7 pm NO COVER


Wed 4/30/14   – Fort Lean, Strange Kids at BAR in New Haven 10 pm

- Going Pro, Grizzly Whale at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm


Thur 5/1/14    – Ramblin’ Dan Stevens at Strange Brew in Norwich

- The Miths at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- Deerhoof, Awkwafina, Celestial Shore at the Space in Hamden 7 pm

- Hadron Big Bangers, Outfunked at Two Boots in Bridgeport NO COVER


Fri 5/2/14        – Turbine at Strange Brew in Norwich

- Milton at Cafe Nine in New Haven 8 pm

- Eurisko, K. Bestia at Cafe Nine in New Haven 10 pm

- Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Empires, Kate Myers at the Space in Hamden 7 pm


Sat 5/3/14        – The Enth, the Van Burens at Strange Brew in Norwich 9 pm

- Prophets of Addiction, the Erotics, Switchblade Serenade at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- Echo & Drake at Stella Blues in New Haven

- CT Fauchella with Kung Fu, Pissed Jeans, MC Paul Barman, The

McLovins, Ceschi, Chalk Talk, Bad Veins, Armand Hammer, Fake

Babies, The Guru, Bearstronaut, Wess Meets West, Political Animals,

Violent Mae, Parallels, The Backyard Committee, Two Humans, Heavy

Breath, Ports of Spain, Langosta, Rusty Things, Snooty Garland,

Wonderbreed, Sarcasmo feat. Googie, Sharkmuffin, Dohzi, Mister, Siul

Hughes, Northern Lights, The Dustbusters, Goodkind., Tanooki Suit,

Kyle Flynn and the Vespers Nine at the Outer Space in Hamden 2 pm


 Sun 5/4/14     – Little Barrie, the Manchurians at the Space in Hamden 7 pm


Anne Castellano is a New London, CT songwriter and guitarist who fronts her own original band, Anne Castellano and the Smoke. She has also played in several other bands over the years (the Uninformed, the Skin Walkers, and the Cavities) and spent several years performing as a solo artist.

In 2010 she released a full-length self-produced CD entitled “What’s Been Going On”. Anne also collaborated with Hugh Birdsall (Dogbite, the Reducers) on an EP called “In the Dark”, released in 2012 under the name SheSaidHeSaid. She is a 30-year veteran of college radio, and is currently doing the Deranged Radio Show on alternate Tuesday evenings from 6-9 pm at WCNI 90.9 FM in New London.

She grew up in New Fairfield, CT in a musical family, with a father who played guitar and listened to country artists such as Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, and a mother who loved Elvis Presley. Involvement in band and chorus in high school led to membership in the UCONN Marching Band and a two-week tour of Europe performing with the band in the early 1980s.

Anne moved to New London in 1987 because of the vibrant local music scene there. She began putting together her weekly concert calendar in 2005, to get the word out about all the local band shows that were taking place in the area. She enjoys books, animals, hiking, and the beach, and sees as much live music as her “day job” schedule permits.


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