Anne’s Shore & More #142 – May 16 2014

Anne’s Shore & More #142 – May 16 2014



Anne Castellano

Anne Castellano

It’s going to be a great weekend of music in New London. Most of the action takes place in a tiny section of downtown, which is always nice because people can wander between the clubs and catch even more music in one night. Saturday is the busiest night, but that’s no reason to stay home on Friday night (unless you have to work late Friday and be in early on Saturday, like I do…). 33 Golden Street in New London will have a show with King Sickabilly (, the Providence psychobilly legend who formerly fronted Sasquatch & the Sick-a-Billys, and the Slaughter Daughters (, who are making their first visit to the Whaling City from their home base in Oregon. The Slaughter Daughters is a banjo, guitar, upright bass trio fronted by Ariana Celestine and Cecilia Raheb. They play dark roots/gothic Americana, influenced by Slim Cessna and Munly, Cab Calloway, and Hank Williams. It’s going to be good. Cover is $5 and the show starts at 9:30 pm.


On Saturday night, go out early and stay late. There’s a lot of music, and it starts at 6 pm. With halfhearted apologies for the self-promotion (haha), I must say that I’m very excited about this night. There will be two shows, an early show and a late show, happening at 33 Golden Street. The first (early) one will be a CD release for my side project, SheSaidHeSaid ( SheSaidHeSaid is the duo that Hugh Birdsall and I formed a couple of years ago. We don’t play out much, but we are releasing a brand new limited edition CD single, so it seemed like a fine idea to have a CD release show. Our other bands, Dogbite and Anne Castellano & the Smoke, will also be playing. Dogbite ( opens the show at 6 pm. That’s a real time! We are going to end the show at 8:30 pm to allow time for the bands to set up for the late show. Don’t be late! Dogbite plays until 7 pm, then SheSaidHeSaid will do a short set immediately afterward. Anne Castellano & the Smoke ( will go on at 7:30 and play until 8:30. If you’re worried about having time to get dinner before the show, I have some great news for you. 33 Golden has announced that Mi Casa 2, the Mexican restaurant upstairs that everyone raves about, will staff a waitress downstairs at the club during the show. They’ll have a special menu created just for us too. If this works out well it could become a regular event. Following our show, there’s a second show with the Lost Riots, the Manchurians, and Horns of Ormus. The Lost Riots ( will open the show at 9:30 pm. These New Haven garage punks are getting ready to release a new CD, “Shorter, Faster, Louder”. I don’t think they’ll have it ready by Saturday, but it shouldn’t be long now. Next up will be the Manchurians (, maximum R&B from Branford. These guys just had a sweet gig at the Space opening for Little Barrie, from the UK. The Manchurians have been playing in New London for many years, and it’s always nice to have them in town. Closing out the night will be New London’s own Horns of Ormus ( Horns of Ormus has been recording a CD at Bonehead Studios, so hopefully they’ll have that available soon. So there you have it, six bands in one evening at 33 Golden, and Mexican food as well. I would guess that you’ll probably only have to pay once to get in for both shows, but don’t quote me on that. Cover is $5.


Down the street at the Oasis Pub, there will be a show on Saturday night with Marvelous Liars and Wolfghost, two of the newer bands on the New London scene. Marvelous Liars ( is the latest project of Nicholas Johns, of the sadly missed band Gone For Good. Marvelous Liars recently posted a demo of “Highway Skies” via their Facebook page, and it sounds really good. See for yourself here: Wolfghost is the new “heavy duty rock & roll” band comprised of Joey Royale, Mike Desmond, Dave Anderson, and Bobby Crash. They have some music posted too, at This is a great opportunity to see a couple of the most talked about new local bands. Cover is $5 and the show starts around 10 pm.





Thur 5/15/14  – JC Hatfield at Sneekers Cafe in Groton 7-10 pm NO COVER

- John Fries & Corina Malbaurn at the Boathouse in Mystic 6-10 pm

- People With Instruments at Strange Brew in Norwich

- Kingsley Flood, Golden Bloom, Jay Prince at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- Rachel Sage, Chrissy Gardner, Kindred Queer at the Spaceland Ballroom in Hamden 8:30 pm


Fri 5/16/14      – King Sickabilly, the Slaughter Daughters at 33 Golden Street in New London

- Sue Menhart at La Luna in Mystic 5 pm

- Vince Thompson and friends at Steak Loft in Mystic 7-10 pm NO COVER

- John Fries & the Elements at the Voodoo Grill in Mystic 9 pm

- American Babies, the Backyard Committee at Strange Brew in Norwich

- Daphne Lee Martin at Chamard Vineyards in Clinton 5:30-8:30 pm

- Jimmie Vaughan & the Tilt-A-Whirl Band, Jim Oblon at the Knickerbocker Café in Westerly 8 pm

- Peelander-Z, Guerilla Toss, the Hymans at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- Trace Bundy, Natalie Tuttle at the Space in Hamden 7 pm

- Brick + Mortar, Yuppy Flu, Branchwater at the Outer Space in Hamden 8:30 pm


Sat 5/17/14      – Anne Castellano & the Smoke, Dogbite, SheSaidHeSaid (CD release) at 33 Golden Street in New London (Early show!) 6-8:30 pm

- The Manchurians, the Lost Riots, Horns of Ormus at 33 Golden Street in New London 9:30 pm

- Marvelous Liars, Wolfghost at the Oasis Pub in New London 10 pm

- White Rose Confession, On A Piranha at Strange Brew in Norwich

- John Fries & the Elements at Black Eyed Sally’s in Hartford 9 pm

- The Deadly Gentlemen, Goodnight Blue Moon at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9:30 pm

- Against The Current, King The Kid, This Is All Now, Brookline Drive Roy Halim at the Space in Hamden 7 pm

- Eliot Lewis at the Outer Space in Hamden 7:30 pm


Sun 5/18/14    – Neighbor Day at Riverside Park in New London with

Hugh Birdsall 1:50pm
Anna May and Vince Thompson. 2:30pm
Sue Mead. 11:10am
Vox_Nova 3:50pm
Tim Quinn. 11:50am
Golden Ratio. 3:10pm
The Sounds of Joy Drummers. 1:10pm
Carl Suited 12:30pm
Josh Graham. 10:00am
Pearl Ann Lyon 10:30am
Relative Souls 5:10pm
AntiMatter. 4:30pm
Patrick Hengstler (roving minstral)

- Reckless Kelly at the Wolf Den in Uncasville 7 pm NO COVER

- Feral Matt Foster, Stephanie Niles at Three Sheets Cafe in New Haven 8 pm NO COVER

- HAND, Jenny Katz at the Space in Hamden 6 pm

- Geographer, Hooray For Earth at the Spaceland Ballroom in Hamden 8:30 pm

- John Fries & the Elements at B.R.Y.A.C. in Bridgeport 7 pm


Tues 5/20/14   – Goodnight Moonshine at Cafe Nine in New Haven 7:30 pm

- Downtown Brown at Cafe Nine in New Haven 10 pm

- Jake Klar, the Meadows Brothers at the Outer Space in Hamden 6 pm

- Great Good Fine OK at the Space in Hamden 8 pm


Wed 5/21/14   – The Woggles, the 509ers at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- The Zambonis, Jounce at BAR in New Haven 9 pm

- The Sleepy HaHa’s at Three Sheets in New Haven 9 pm


Thur 5/22/14  – Sons of F.U.N.K. (members of Parliament Funkadelic) at Strange Brew in Norwich $10

- Yarn, Seth Adam at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9 pm

- The Few The Fallen, Years End, Harbinger, the Dumpster Punks at the Space in Hamden 7 pm

- Mia Dyson at the Outer Space in Hamden 8 pm

- Grizzlor, more TBA at Two Boots in Bridgeport NO COVER


Fri 5/23/14      – Josi Davis & Hot Damn! at the Black Sheep in Niantic 9:30 pm

- EasyBaby at Strange Brew in Norwich

- Blue Oyster Cult at the Wolf Den in Uncasville 8 pm

- The Soldier Story, Treadwell at the Outer Space in Hamden

- Steve Broderick & the 100 Watt Suns at the Windjammer in Westerly

- Will Evans at the Knickerbocker Cafe in Westerly 8 pm


Sat 5/24/14      – Acid Mothers Temple, Perhaps, the Mountain Movers at Cafe Nine in New Haven 9:30 pm

- Snooty Garland, Darian Cunning & Elizabeth Dellinger at the Outer Space in Hamden 9:30 pm

- Slim Francis, Rebelmatic, Matt & the Marauders at Two Boots in Bridgeport


Sun 5/25/14    – Quiet Life, Michael Nau (of Cotton Jones), Hip Hatchet at 33 Golden Street in New London 9 pm

- John Fries & Corina Malbaurn, Jake Lear (Memphis, TN) at Hot Rod’s Cafe in New London 3:30 pm

- Honestly, Drained Glory, Rule32, Set Sail at Sunrise, In Honor Of at the Space in Hamden 5 pm


Anne Castellano is a New London, CT songwriter and guitarist who fronts her own original band, Anne Castellano and the Smoke. She has also played in several other bands over the years (the Uninformed, the Skin Walkers, and the Cavities) and spent several years performing as a solo artist.

In 2010 she released a full-length self-produced CD entitled “What’s Been Going On”. Anne also collaborated with Hugh Birdsall (Dogbite, the Reducers) on an EP called “In the Dark”, released in 2012 under the name SheSaidHeSaid. She is a 30-year veteran of college radio, and is currently doing the Deranged Radio Show on alternate Tuesday evenings from 6-9 pm at WCNI 90.9 FM in New London.

She grew up in New Fairfield, CT in a musical family, with a father who played guitar and listened to country artists such as Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, and a mother who loved Elvis Presley. Involvement in band and chorus in high school led to membership in the UCONN Marching Band and a two-week tour of Europe performing with the band in the early 1980s.

Anne moved to New London in 1987 because of the vibrant local music scene there. She began putting together her weekly concert calendar in 2005, to get the word out about all the local band shows that were taking place in the area. She enjoys books, animals, hiking, and the beach, and sees as much live music as her “day job” schedule permits.


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