Mission Zero – People in Glass Yachts

Mission Zero – People in Glass Yachts

Record review
Mission Zero

“People in Glass Yachts”
Review written by Jennifer Dauphinais

Mission Zero

Mission Zero

I can’t wait for that first hot day of Summer, the one when all of the windows are down in my car, and I blast the latest electro sensation through my speakers and press my accelerator just to the edge of breaking the law.  I’ve found the album I’ll take with me, the new one by sibling duo, Mission Zero.

Intense and melodic, “People in Glass Yachts” yields facets of darkness and brightness simultaneously. Each track finds a way to pulse and throb, layered with rhythm and cadence.  Songs like “What Do I Say” dance on playful tiptoes, while “Lotus” makes more sensual swirls.

The opening track, “Scattered on the Beach” is literally the engine of the record.  I love how the playfulness of traditional percussion is re-conceptualized as a kind of neo-expressionist imagery. There’s lots of drummer ear candy in here thanks to the craftsmanship of David Keith.

I’m certain there must have been something exciting happening at the Keith household when these two were younger because they were clearly given permission to liberally bend rules and genres into something of their own.  Yet, I am called to pull out my old The The and David Sylvian records because this album could be filed among such avant-classics as those as well.

So if you hear a blur of drums, a sultry whisk of a woman’s voice following a flash of silver going down your street, it’s just me.  Blasting this record in the high heat of Summer.




Song-writer, Jennifer Dauphinais, is the primary force behind band/solo folk performer Ponybird. Both home-recorded releases, “Climb Yourself Up” (2008), and “Full Cold Moon” (2009), were chosen as Top Ten Albums of the Year by the New Haven Register. A third release, “Modest Quarters”, was produced and recorded at Dirt Floor Studios in Chester, CT and released in 2015. Ponybird was nominated for a Connecticut Music Award for Best Americana in 2012 and 2013. In addition to song writing, Dauphinais writes across many genres including academic research, which is part of her doctoral work at Columbia University, Teachers College. She is also known for performing with folk-roots innovator, Christina Abbott, in their duo, The Karner Blues, as well as heavy rock bands, Belle Starr, The Editors, and Spider & Fly. Dauphinais also wrote for the New Haven Advocate entertainment section, and hosted a radio show on WYBC 1340 AM with co-host Craig Gilbert. As Daylight Photography, she is best known for capturing bands behind the lens (see Crooked Hook’s album cover The Captain Will Be Your Guide ) and continues to ghost write for local venues, labels, and independent bands. Contact






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