Lamp Cord DJ, How We Got Started

So two guys walk into a bar??? OK no punch line but basically that’s how the concept for Local Band Review came about while playing pool at the local dive bar listening to a really loud and obnoxious DJ. Greg and I noticed that the music was highly distorted. We joked about starting a DJ business on the side, but then we noticed something odd. The speakers were wired with what looked like lamp cords.

OK I know you can spend a lot on wire for speakers, but really it’s not that expensive for basic speaker wire? Since both of us really didn’t want to work that hard, we quickly ruled out doing the DJ thing, but we still wanted to do something. We had been following our friends band for a couple of years now and thought hey why not do a music review site. The basic premise was to get in places free and get a few free drinks in the process.

The next day I was thinking of names and thought Local Band Review would be a great name unfortunately only the .net and .org domain names were available. So I picked up and started blogging, this was long before Facebook was popular so nobody knew about us or read the site. Later in the summer I got interested in videography again and started stalking and filming bands. Quickly taping a few songs and posting them on YouTube I named our channel localbandreview and started what became out most popular feature.

After checking in once and awhile I noticed that was available I quickly grabbed it as our main domain name.