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Featured Artist – KLOKWIZE – by lsg original

            Featured Artist – 10.30.2016      KLOKWIZE LBR has been following Klokwize’s career for many years.  He’s a staple in the Connecticut hip-hop community.  He’s an artist known for live band-infused hip hop music.  Probably most recognized for the use of his hit...

1974 CD Release – The Echoes of War – by lsg original

“The Echoes of War” From 1974 CD Release @1974online. Posted by LSG original photography – Capturing the ROCK STAR in YOU. on 9/28/2016 (14 items)

Organic Smiles Festival – lsg Original

“Day One” From Organic Smiles Festival. Posted by LSG original photography – Capturing the ROCK STAR in YOU. on 8/21/2016 (100 items) Use with permission

Mission Zero – People in Glass Yachts

Record review Mission Zero “People in Glass Yachts” Review written by Jennifer Dauphinais 4.20.2015 I can’t wait for that first hot day of Summer, the one when all of the windows are down in my car, and I blast the latest electro sensation through my speakers and press my accelerator just to the edge...

One Great Song – Ponybird – I Am With You

lsg spot by Lisa Sanchez Gonzalez Twitter at @lsgoriginal 11.17.2014 “One Great Song” Ponybird “I Am With You” Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to be involved in a project sponsored by On Deck Sound Studio and Performance HUB.  “One Great Song” is the...

Anne’s Shore & More #157 – Sept 11 2014

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE WEEK There isn’t a lot happening in the clubs this weekend, but there will be music in several outdoor venues, including two outdoor festivals. On Friday evening, head down to New London’s Waterfront Park for the Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival, taking place from...

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