Most of our Interviews are transcribed or are done via one of our Streaming shows. Currently this would be Scene Queen lsg which is usually scheduled on a Mon-Wed around 7 or 8pm. LBR is always looking for interesting guests for this show so please feel free to fill out the contact form or email us at




For the video streaming show:

Q. What you need?
A. A webcam, microphone, and good lighting you can come on as a group or each person may be at their own location, we can handle multiple locations, but like to keep it under 5. if you are going to be singing or playing music those band members have to be in the same location due to the delays introduced in the video and audio. lighting should be placed facing towards you from behind the camera, don’t place bright lights behind you this causes the camera to make you appear like you are in a dark room. A good reliable Internet connection is also advised, hard wired over wireless is preferred.

Q. How do we setup for a video Interview?
A. Currently we use a feature of Google Plus called a Hangout, this allows multiple people to be logged in to a video chat, unlike Skype who’s free version is limited to one on one video. You need to signup for Google Plus for each person involved in the interview then add me to a circle. my profile is here:

Q. What do you need from us?
A. Well it depends on what we are talking about, Lisa and I will ask a few questions via email or facebook and develop an outline for the show. If you are discussing a CD we may ask for a physical copy or at least a digital copy. If we have to use a non-downloadable online copy the Reverbnation player and SoundCloud works better than the MySpace player. We would also like to know a little history and what you want in the bottom 1/3 of the screen when you are talking. Watch any of the shows and you’ll know what we mean.

Q. Showtime how and when?
A. If you haven’t participated in a Google Plus Hangout or are unfamiliar with your mic and camera it might be a good idea to try it out a day or so earlier than the air date. On the other hand if you are OK with the technology then mic and camera check is one half hour before air time. Please make sure you have added me to a Google Plus Circle so I can add you to my Interview Circle. When you visit my Google Plus page listed above you should see a button that says join this hangout. Google Plus will install a few plugins which you may need to give authorization to then it’s a matter of clicking on the settings button to get the camera and audio working. While audio is easy, make sure no other programs are using the camera or else you will just get a black screen over where you picture is supposed to be. Limiting the Hangout to only people in the Interview Circle stops people randomly joining the Hangout.

Q. Can I watch the show Live while I’m on?
A. Yes but like any other live interview delays are introduced into the process, so it is a good idea to setup a second computer, IPad, or a Smart Phone with the volume off to watch the show as it’s being recorded. Under NO CONDITIONS should you try and run the live feed on the computer you are using to record your video and audio.

Q. I got dropped from the Hangout, How do I rejoin?
A. Close the Hangout Window and navigate back to my Google Plus page listed above and just rejoin the Hangout. This usually only happens when you have a bad or intermittent Internet connection, please use a wired connection if possible.

Q. What if I don’t like something after the show has aired?
A. This is a live show no editing is done on the final copy, the audience that watches the archived show sees the same one that the live audience did.

Q. I tried to watch the archive of the show and it’s says unavailable?
A. This is one of my pet peeves with UStream, if you log in with a device that doesn’t support Adobe Flash the replays are not available, just switch to a computer or device that supports Adobe Flash and the shows will be listed.

Checkout the Scene Queen lsg channel here: most shows run for 1 to 1.5 hours with 3 or 4 music breaks.  Bring a drink relax the show is a lot of fun, everyone who’s been on has enjoyed it.

For more information please fill out our handy online submission form or call (203) 424-1284, thanks for your interest.

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