Music Submission EULA

OK I’m not a lawyer but we want to make this simple, so here in plain English is what we are allowed to do with any content uploaded to our site.

By submitting your music tracks to Local Band Review you give permission for Local Band Review to stream your copyrighted submission over the Internet.  This means we may add video, talk about your music or just stream a track. You will hold Local Band Review not liable for any copyright infringement that comes about from your uploaded content.

Only submissions that are copyrighted by the entity submitting the content will be streamed from our site, no cover music tracks may be streamed due to the possibility of copyright infringement. This includes any cover songs paid for with a mechanical license, please do not include these tracks in your uploads. You may include copyrighted songs from a live performance for us to use in one of our shows as these are protected by Fair Use. In other words cover songs will not be streamed or included in any format other than if we are commenting on a performance or a track on the CD/EP.

You may at anytime revoke our rights to use any individual tracks or albums by simply sending an email to and listing the songs. This will remove the songs from being used henceforth in any future streaming service, but will not remove the songs from any previously recorded video, archived shows or commentary. Or to put it simply we will remove your songs from anything that hasn’t been recorded and archived on our site or any other storage and media service we use i.e. YouTube, UStream etc…

We protect your content:
The upload service hashes the name of the track to a very long number known as a GUID with no distinguishable information as to the artist or song submitted. In the event of a security breach on our website the only way to match the uploaded track to the artist is by the original email notification sent out to the Local Band Review blogger community. This protects your content from being downloaded and pirated.

You are explicitly only giving us streaming rights, much like a radio station. You are explicitly NOT GIVING US any form of media rights to reproduce, or allowing a typical Local band Review website visitor any kind of download access to your submitted content.

Download access to uploaded content is only available to our blogger community to help in promotion, discussion and to be used in Local Band Review produced content.

By submitting your content you agree to abide by these rules!

Thanks for your submission!