“Spot”light on… Connecticut Band Web Sites

Many of us receive a lot of our info via Facebook pages.  It’s easy.  But, many of our local bands have invested time and hard-earned dollars on their websites as well.  I’ve made it easy for you with the list below to find a few of our locals.  Hopefully, you’ll click on the links and bring some traffic to their pages…and see their shows and buy their stuff.  Please don’t forget to “bookmark/favorite” them!  Support local bands in their efforts to get their music heard!  lsg note:  I apologize to anyone missing from this list.  I’m free-wheeling from the top of my feeble brain…lsg note to the bands:  If you have an alternate web page you’d rather have listed here, let me know and we’ll swap!

Anne Castellano (

Beijing (

Big Fat Combo (

Bop Tweedie (

Columbia Fields (

Dave Hogan/Graylight Campfire (

Driven (


Freedoms Reign (

Fuzzy Bunny and the Dirty Cupcakes

Gigglejuice  (

Heirlooms (

Jennifer Hill & Co (

John Fries and the Heat (

Katie Wilson (

Lakshmi (

M.T. Bearington (

Michael Cleary Band (

Nasty Disaster (

Plume Giant (

Radio Giant (

Riot Kings (

Saint Bernadette (

Shakedown (

She Eats Planets (

Stark Raving LuLu (

String Theorie ( )

The Elastic Hoax  (

The Interstellar Elevators (

The Manchurians (

The McLovins (

The New Remains (

The Peacock Flounders (

The Reducers (

The Sawtelles (

Tommy Lourdes (

Vengeance (

Waking Elliot (

You Scream I Scream (