Write for us

Write for us
Local Band Review is looking for contributors, if you are interested in a regular weekly column or just a quick review please feel free to contact us using our Contact Form.

What we are looking for?

A person interested in a weekly column will be given a spot in our Blog section, you must be able to write and submit an article at least once a week by the assigned deadline.  If you have a specialty in a certain area of music, knowledgeable about equipment reviews or just like going out and reviewing bands and venues we are interested in your opinion.

If you don’t have the time to contribute on a regular basis feel free to contact us to discuss an idea or article that you have in mind or if you want submit a finished article to reviews@localbandreview.com.  Please include a short biography and picture of yourself and any pictures that we might be able to include in the article.

 What do you get out of it?

Currently we are a volunteer organization, but local venues and the bands really appreciate the efforts by LBR as you can see from our testimonials. Personally we’ve met a lot of great people dong this and the effort is usually good for a few beers at some point.  If you something you want to promote, we do allow some shameless plus in the biography section.  Mostly helping local bands get the recognition they deserve is a good feeling.