Ellen Sackman
Lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist
The Bird’n'boys

Thanks from LBR!

A year ago, The Bird’n'boys was a 4-piece classic rock band working 2-4 times a month in the Connecticut bar scene. We tried doing the right things to promote the band like sending out demo packages and setting up a web page, but in early 2010 we still had only 200+ fans on our face book page. Then Michael Lawson showed up at the Red Door in Watertown to film us on open mic night. Suddenly people who had never heard of us were posting comments on the Local Band Review page in response to our videos, and other musicians and music lovers started showing up at our gigs. Plus we now had access to high-quality videos of live performances which showcased our sound, style and energy that we were able to use to get the attention of new venues. It’s a year since LBR found us, and, in many respects thanks to their efforts, we are now working 4-6 times a month and have over 400 fans on our face book page. Local Band Review has become an incredible asset to the Connecticut music scene by finding and showcasing bands who would otherwise not be seen, and by providing a valuable link between musicians and venues. Always they do it with professionalism and a smile. Thanks LBR. We’re happy we met you!

Danielle Shove, Lead Vocalist Jimmy Hat

Attention: Lovers of local music,

There aren’t many words that accurately capture what Mike Lawson and Local Band Review have done for the CT music scene, but we’ll start with one: INSPIRING!  Whether they are enjoying a night (and a brew or two) on the town, filming per request, seeking out fresh talent, promoting good causes, or just making new friends, the members of the LBR crew are always first and foremost professional.

LBR is reliable in every sense—from scheduling a shoot to their perceptive coverage and editing; they aim to create the most useful product, all with one goal in mind: promoting local music.  LBR is also full of surprises!  We are always thrilled when we spot Mike or Greg in a crowd, but never more than when they appeared at a very special charity event, ready to film and interview to help promote our cause.  As so many musicians know, it is not easy to gain exposure and promote when everything from banners and business cards to photos and press kits are paid out-of-pocket.  LBR discovered how to build its own following while helping bands like Jimmy Hat reach ours.  For that we are grateful.

Never have we encountered more sincerely innovative, interested and interesting people, and never have we been so truly awed by more incredible drive.  That is, until we met LBR.  Their limitless energy, encouraging enthusiasm and countless hours behind the camera and the computer make LBR the up-and-coming promoter to envy!  If you haven’t become their friend (in person or on Facebook), you are truly missing out!

Local Band Review ROCKs HARD!

Greg Blasko, Guitarist
Twisted Nut

“Mike and Local Band Review truly provides an invaluable service  to the Connecticut live music scene. As a relatively new cover band, the exposure we gained from the LBR videos has helped us get the attention of area booking agents and club owners. We would have had a more challenging time landing weekend appearances at these premiere clubs without this exposure. Thanks Mike!”


Jason Krug, Guitarist
The Grimm Generation

My experience with Local Band Review happened at a festival we played, the SWAN Day Festival. It was a multi-media, multi-function acknowledgement of woman’s arts which included visual art, handmade art, indie movies, dancing and live music. Even being there, there were things I missed due to performing. But Local Band Review brought it all to me virtually, all angles I missed and points of view I dint pick up on. In a succinct fashion, Local Band Review covered the event with the skill of a cable news network, a fair featuring of all acts, all arts, and excellent coordination based on their timely review. The videos were generally the best and most professional shot at this quite covered event.

My experience with Local Band Review is simple: Dedicated. Professional. And nice guys to boot.



Bill Calabrese, Lead Vocal, Bassist Almost Ancient

Local Band Review provides an invaluable service to the local music scene. By sharing their technical and marketing knowledge, they have helped spread the word. Who benefits…… the clubs, the bands and the fans! They have quickly expanded their footprint as their social networking sites provide bands, clubs and fans an easy and effective way to disseminate information. Hopefully someday they can monetize their efforts as they have certainly donated tons of time and energy to all involved!

David LaSalata, Drummer Almost Ancient

It’s very simple – Mike and his staff at Local Band Review do more to promote local music and musicians in Connecticut than anyone or anything. A great job always!

Dick Bascom, Drummer
The Aquatudes

Mike and the gang at Local Band Review have expertly captured and helped spread the excitement about the Northeast Surf Music Alliance (NESMA) and our high-energy Surf Rock scene! – “The Aquatudes”

Bobby Pickett, Lead Vocals, Violinist
The Fret Notz

“Local Band Review is the best help in the world for the working band! They have basically placed us on the map, with videos and posting our shows. It’s the ultimate in networking and gig promotion, in the CT area… thanks LBR”


Linda Chadbourne, Manager Illusions Dance Club & Restaurant

Would like to share my thoughts on Michael Lawson from Local Band Review he is a great asset to Bar owners and he truly care’s about the bands and their venues.

Illusions started rock bands back in January with the 1800 band. Illusions has done bands in the past but was out of the band seen for over 15 years now. As I hired 1800 band to kick off Illusions bands on Friday nights I received and email from Michael ( Local Band Review ) asking if he can come in and film the 1800 Band at Illusions. I said to him not a problem and he filled me in on what he does for Bands and venues I was impressed.

From that day on when ever I needed to ask Michael a Question on Bands he would tell me to watch a video that he filmed and he always had the answer for me. As much questions as I had for him he would always get back to me on any subject.

I would recommend Local Band Review for any Venue wanting information on Bands and where they play. Michael is a very dedicated person and I appreciate every thing he does with Local Band Review.

Thanks Linda

Mike Greer, Bassist

“Everyone in my band wants to thank LBR for all they’ve done for us and many of our fellow local CT bands.  Mike and Greg have a great thing going to help in our promotion and success of our band.  Early on in LBR’s existence, I contacted them to have them come on out to one of our shows to record some video footage.  Shortly after, they did and it has been a great addition to our website and Facebook pages for promotion purposes.  I must tell you, I’ve had more than a few people call or email us based on the video footage they’ve seen on our website provided by LBR.  Without a doubt, LBR’s work has helped us promote ourselves better than most anything I’ve been involved with over the years in this little rock n roll world we live in.

Thanks Local Band Review!!”






The Groove Junkies are proud to work with Local Band Review, and are proud to call them our friends as well. LBR shows unbelievable work ethic, and their faith in the local scene helps remind all of us how special it all is even when things get hectic. Just think, you don’t usually purchase something without checking it out first, reading a review, or researching it online. Well LBR does that for bands! Now we as bands have something more than word of mouth to show for ourselves. Let’s face it… there aren’t many people who are going to work endless hours to try to make you look good in the real world, and LBR has been doing that for us small time musicians out of the goodness of their hearts!

As far as The Groove Junkies go, just when we started to think everyone forgot about us as musicians in the scene LBR’s promotions got us thousands of views on YouTube and have brought us (and a lot of other bands) out of the shadows giving us a newfound confidence to keep us working hard and sounding and performing the best we can! We all learn from our videos and that ultimately makes for a better show for YOU the viewer. LBR is slowly helping to increase the quality of local acts in Connecticut, and I think both the musicians and spectators can appreciate that.


Jennifer Hill, Lead Vocals, Keyboard Jennifer Hill & Co

What can I say about Local Band Review? I can say that LBR is one of the biggest supporters of local music in the state of Ct. Mike Lawson of LBD is an extremely cool guy who tries to get himself to every show possible and make his rounds to different clubs per night (even with an overflowing box of invites). He shows up happy to be there, happy to film, and happy to support in any way he can. It is a breath of fresh air to meet someone who cares about what we do as musicians, since we all know it is not an easy road and we could use all the help we can get. I love working with LBR and appreciate all they have done to support me and my band on it’s musical journey!

James Parent, Bassist
Bandwith Karaoke
Jennifer Hill & Co

Local Band Review is my first (and usually last) stop when I want to find out what is good in Connecticut’s live music scene.  The professional quality of both the video and (more importantly) the audio in his videos really shows me what it is like to see these bands live.  Because of his hard work and skill, I have been introduced to dozens of bands I probably never would have made it out to see.  His generosity with his time and talent had been invaluable to me in helping me to promote my own musical projects, find good venues to play, and become part of a larger community of musicians.  Thanks, LBR, for everything you do for us.


Jim Moutinho, Lead Vocal, Guitarist Fatgrip

“For Fatgrip Local band review has helped us have a visual and audio product that we can use with clubs, fans and potential fans” “Club owners have commented that they have learned about the band through local band review and liked seeing the show before the show” “Using the Local band review facebook page has assisted the band in getting new fans and the message of upcoming shows to new music lovers”

Mary Therese, Lead Vocals
Waking Elliot

“Mike Lawson and Local Band Review have offered local musicians what we desire most- to be heard. While some people become involved in the music industry for personal gain, it is clear that Local Band Review has an entirely different goal- supporting and promoting local music. We met Mike at a battle of the bands competition over a year ago. Since that day, we have become devoted fans of LBR and their mission. Anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to work with Local Band Review owes them a debt of gratitude. They have single-handedly rejuvenated the local music scene in Connecticut and will undoubtedly expand much further. If LBR ever shows up at one of your shows, we suggest that you shake their hands, buy them a beer, and thank them for their sincere altruism.”


David Kelly, Lead Guitar Red Door Open Mic Hot Mess

Local Band Review is simply the greatest tribute to the working band here in Connecticut, hands down. Too many great, entertaining bands and events could have easily slipped through the cracks if not for Mike and his die-hard dedication.

I have had the privilege of assisting him one night on location, and I can tell you, what Mike makes look easy, is anything but. The numerous obstacles and nuances of trying to film on location, get the best shots, make sure the sound quality is good, and avoid a few heavily intoxicated people wanting to be on film is more than a handful! And Mike is faithfully there weekend in and weekend out.

The list of people knocking on the door to have LBR put them on the map is as long as one’s arm, but unfortunately the list of those showing their appreciation is limited to a select few. I don’t think there could ever be enough gratitude expressed to Mike and everyone at LBR for all that they do, and may they continue to grow as time goes on.


Cindy Montesi
The Fast Lane Band

We just want to send out a huge thank you to Mike & Greg, for all that they do to support all the local bands! You never know when they might pop in at a show and shoot some video! Local Band Review really helps to spread the word about local bands, which helps us all in so many ways! Thanks again and keep up the great work!



Sue Houde, lead singer Dirty Blonde

I had the pleasure of first meeting Michael Lawson at the Red Door in 2009 while singing for the band Dirty Blonde.  Then, LBR was just a concept.  Now in 2011, Local Band Review has become an integral part of the CT local music scene.  Gaining exposure is a challenging task for any band.  Dirty Blonde was lucky enough to be one of the first bands recorded & reviewed by Michael & Greg.  Their professional videos of live performances are invaluable.  They capture the true essence of a band, albeit sometime a bit crazy, LBR takes you along for the ride.  Local Band Review was even generous enough to record our final show in 2010 in its entirety, something we truly appreciate & will treasure.

They have a true love for music & it shows; from the time spent behind the camera & in the editing room.  LBR has changed the way others see & experience local music.

Always professional, reliable & fun, Michael & Greg have given something to local music that they have needed for some time; EXPOSURE!  Dirty Blonde & many local bands have reaped the rewards of having their live performances available on the internet for others to view.  For that we thank you!

Dirty Blonde Sue Houde Brandi Hood Jeff Miles Jim Hart Rob Dolan

Danny Guion
Marketing Associate
KMC Music Inc.

As a performing musician with over 15 years of road experience, I’ve seen a number of attempts at what LBR has accomplished. I don’t really remember what these company’s names were but what I do remember about them is they would be more than happy to come out to your gig and video you at no cost for the first show. Well, that’s great but what about the next gig? I mean let’s face it. If you play out, well, you want to be seen. I’ve asked LBR on a number of last minute occasion and they’ve always been there for me. Even now I can count on them for other artist related matters. LBR is a great asset to the industry as well as a great partner to work with. Michael has an incredible knack for what he captures on film. That’s just the grass roots of his ability. His editing skills and attention to detail are clearly manifested in the material he posts. I can’t thank these guys enough for their selfless dedication to the performing arts.





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